12 Ways with Peaches

One of my favorite fruits is back in town: fresh peaches. We’re headed out to the U-Pick farm for peaches today, and while I’m definitely going to eat some (okay, lots) of them fresh, I’m even more excited to preserve them! I’ve never come across a peach preserve I didn’t like, and I’m going for a lot of variety this year. I’ll of course make some of my old favorites – pirate peaches, honeyed peaches and wine-spiked peach jam come to mind – but I’m looking forward to trying some new things as well. That grilled peach-infused bourbon and the butterscotch peach jam in particular sounds incredible. Here are 12 ways to put up your peaches!

Infuse it:

Grilled peach-infused bourbon via Bon Appetit

Peach vodka


Can it:

Butterscotch peach jam via Well Preserved

Honeyed peaches 

Honey-sweetened peach vanilla jam via Food in Jars

Peach chutney via Doris and Jilly Cook

Peach jam with brown sugar and rum via Sweet Preservation

Peach salsa

Pirate peaches via Local Kitchen

Small batch peach barbecue sauce via Simple Bites/Food in Jars

Spiced peaches

Wine-spiked peach jam