12 Ways to Put Up Cherries

I know tomorrow’s all about the red, white and blue, but I plan on celebrating the 4th by focusing mostly on the red. First thing in the morning, we’re meeting up with some friends to pick our own sweet cherries and maybe a few more strawberries. I have no idea how many cherries I’ll come home with, as they’re just now ready for picking, but I’m going to be prepared with lots of recipe ideas! Here are 12 ways to preserve your cherries:

Amaretto Cherry


Dehydrated cherries from Well Preserved



Cherry bounce from Food in Jars

Cherry-infused bourbon from Munchin with Munchkin

Cherry-infused rum from Food in Jars


Maraschino Cherries 3


Amaretto cherry preserves

Cherry habanero lime jam from Foodie with Family

Cherry pie filling from Food52

Maraschino cocktail cherries

Smoky chipotle peppers from Local Kitchen

Sour cherry jam (for the fridge or freezer) from Honey & Jam

Sour cherry preserves (made with honey instead of granulated sugar) from Clean

Spicy pickled cherries from Put Up or Shut Up!