12 Ways with Pears

Pear season is here!  I’m making three batches of my favorite pear ginger preserves, plus a round of pear cardamom jam, this week. After weeks of spending hours into peeling peaches and pitting cherries, it is so nice to be able to simply core and chop pears. Here are 12 ways to preserve your own pears this fall:

12 Ways with Pears

Infuse It:

Ginger pear vodka via Art & Lemons

Pear liqueur via Healthy Green Kitchen

Pear-infused brandy via Boulder Locavore


Can It:

Boozy pear sauce via Local Kitchen

Pear & chocolate jam via Food in Jars

Pear & ginger preserves

Pear apple jam via Sugarcrafter

Pear butter in the slow cooker via Get the Good Stuff!

Pear ginger ginger jam via Cake Walk

Pear juice via Foodie with Family

Pear salsa

Saged pear butter via Tigress in a Jam

What are your favorite ways to put up pears?