16 Summer Preserves to Try Now


Summer fruit season is in full swing.  I’ve already collected plenty of strawberries (about 22 pounds), loads of sweet cherries (14.4 pounds) and am planning on picking the first round of blueberries later today.  Plus, we’ve gotten about 12 cups of black raspberries out of the backyard already!

So I’m all about the summer preserves. I’m freezing the bulk of my fruit for smoothies and other wintertime uses, but want to can about 1/3 of them for gifts and our own usage.  Here are 16 recipes I’m eyeing.

First things first, be sure you have the proper tools for canning and that you follow well-tested recipes. It is super-important for your health and safety (follow the link to see why and how it works)! 

What are you canning and preserving this week?


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    Thanks for the links! I am always looking for different canning/preserving recipes since I started last year. Although freezing is a lot easier, canning is much more fun!