18 Homemade Candy Recipes

NewImageIf there was every a time to try your hand at making your own candy, Halloween is it.  While you’re handing out store-bought candy, you can be sitting inside eating your own homemade candy corn and caramel, or putting out bowls of your own lollipops or gumdrops at your Halloween party.  

This week, I’m writing about 8 homemade candy recipes over on Home Made Simple.  Check it out!


Other favorite homemade candy recipes:

Peanut Butter Cups from Brown Eyed Baker

Twix Bars from Instructables

Kit Kat Bars from Serious Eats

Milky Way Bars from Whisk Kid

Mounds Bars from The Wannabe Chef

Tootsie Rolls from Food 52

Snickers from Bon Appetit

Marshmallow Peeps from Twig and Thistle

Butterfinger Bars from Serious Eats

Three Musketeers Bars from Wilde in the Kitchen

Eight more on Home Made Simple…


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    Well, that sent me off in some interesting directions. Homemade peeps- who knew? And candy corn. Just bought some of that to give out tonight for Halloween. Even though I still have a secret fondness for it I looked at the ingredients and yeah, not going to eat any. Even with corn syrup and food coloring the homemade version would still be a little healthier.


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