2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Your Food-Loving Friends

Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Dan and I wrapped up much of our holiday shopping this weekend. All my gifts are ordered or purchased or cooked, and ready to be wrapped.  The key exception are the boxes of cookies I’m sending out to a few family members – I’m waiting to bake those until closer to Christmas so they arrive fresh and tasty.  

If you’re still struggling for gift ideas for your favorite cooks and bakers, try one of these nine items sure to bring a smile when they are unwrapped:

Moscow Mule/Dark & Stormy Mugs*. Moscow Mules and Dark and Stormies are my and Dan’s favorite cocktails. Traditionally, they are served in hammered copper mugs – and a set of four would be a fantastic gift for your favorite cocktail-lover. 

Stainless Steel Measuring Cups*. A good set of measuring cups is a must-have for all avid bakers and cooks. These stainless steel ones are sturdy and beautiful, making them a nice step up from the basic plastic version.

Popcorn Maker*. Popcorn is my absolute favorite snack, especially since the West Bend popcorn maker doesn’t need as much oil as the stove-top poppers typically do. We use this about 4 nights a week, and I recommend it for all your popcorn and healthy snack loving friends.

Immersion Blender*.  We got the Cuisinart Smart Stick blender as a wedding gift in 2010, and it quickly became one of my second most-used small kitchen appliances (the popcorn maker is the first!). I use it so often that Dan has given up on putting any of the dishwasher-safe pieces through the dishwasher, because I inevitably end up taking them out to hand wash and use again before they have a chance to get clean!

Serveware. A beautiful and simple serving bowl makes a great gift for everyone who hosts dinner parties on a regular basis. Right now, I’m partial to this one from a local Ithaca artist, Julia Dean. But this one is also gorgeous!

A Cheese Making Kit. I know cheese making is on my personal “next thing to DIY” list. This kit would be a fun gift for everyone who is into canning and making their own food from scratch.

Cast Iron Cookware*. I use one of my cast iron pieces every day, whether that be the skillet, griddle, Dutch oven or muffin tin. I get most of my cast iron at the Ithaca Antiques Mall (one of the vendors there collects  + sells all sorts of cast iron cookware!), but Lodge makes great new pieces as well.  In fact, I think my griddle is a Lodge piece from the 1930s – and it is still in fantastic condition!

Rosemary Tree*. Heather brought me a rosemary tree as my Thanksgiving hostess gift. Now, my office smells lovely, and I’m constantly clipping branches off to use in my cooking.

Vintage cookware*. Pyrex is my first love, but I’m also loving the look of old-school Dansk lately. And so many people love Fiestaware!  All of them would be fun gifts!

Spoon Rests and Linens. Lovely spoon rests and pretty dish towels are simple gifts that any cook would love.

What are your favorite gift picks for the cooks and bakers in your life? Or, what’s on your wish list?

Note: some of the links above (the ones with the asterisks) are affiliate links. I am only recommending products that I use and love myself, or have on my personal wish list.