30 Days of the Little Things (Challenge + Printable!)

30DaysofLT Sample

November is nearing, and with it, the start of the holiday season. There are tons of challenges to keep you physically healthy (I love Cassie’s!), but what about something to keep you mentally healthy?

Four years ago, I started a “25 Days of the Little Things” challenge. You may be familiar with my Little Things series – an array of posts meant to remind us to appreciate the little things in life. For that challenge, I wrote one little thing that was making me happy on a slip of paper each day from November 1-25, the day of Thanksgiving 2010. Every year since, I’ve done a similar challenge, but structured it a bit differently. 

In 2011, I did a 50 day challenge to create a Little Things “tree,” while in 2012, I did a Thanksgiving  countdown calendar.  I’ve always done it, in whatever fashion, to help extend Thanksgiving – why acknowledge what we’re thankful for on just a single day?

30DaysofLT Sample2

Plus, getting in the habit of noticing the little things helps keep me centered and calm and able to truly enjoy the holiday season.

This year, I’m keeping things simple with a printable worksheet for a 30 Days of the Little Things challenge. Every day in November, I’ll jot down something that is making me happy, be it as simple as the smell of our cedar chest or as special as quality time with Dan.


Want to join me? Download the printable below, and get your pens ready for Friday, November 1!

And if you really want to make this a challenge, think of a little thing you can reward yourself with at the end of the month. Just a little something that will make you smile, be it a new color of nail polish, a special holiday ornament, or even just a set time to sit with a mug of hot cocoa and a new book. For myself, I’m considering a bottle of bubble bath that I can use for lots of relaxing baths all through the winter!

So what are you waiting for? Get printing!


Who is joining in on the 30 Days of the Little Things challenge? And if you are, what will your prize be for filling in all thirty days?


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    I love that you do this every year and I also try to follow suit. I missed it last year, but I can’t wait to do it this year! Starting today!


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