5 Preserving and Homesteading Blogs You Should Follow


In the summer especially, I love seeing what other people are doing with their gardens and what they are preserving.  Even if I get a little property envy from time to time (I wish we had room for huge crops of potatoes, carrots and other “one-time harvest” vegetables!).  Here are five sites I’m referencing nearly daily lately, as I preserve summer’s bounty:

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Broken Plow. Cassie (also of Back to Her Roots) and Craig have been homesteading since 2012, on the property Cassie grew up on. I love their weekly food tallies and their gardening updates, and it is fun to see what they’ve been preserving. I am now inspired by their food tallies to track every little thing I harvest from the 2014 Savvy Garden — I’ve only been tracking the big things (cucumbers, beans), but not every handful of greens or herbs I pick.

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Food in Jars. If you’ve ever Google anything related to canning, you’ve probably stumbled upon Marisa’s blog.  She is my go-to resource when I can’t find the answer to a canning question or recipe in any of my cookbooks.

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Local Kitchen. Kaela not only takes gorgeous photos and makes adorable labels for her preserves, but her recipes are super-creative as well.  I have so many things from this blog bookmarked to try: smoky chipotle cherriesblueberry, lemon & chile jamplums in wine & honey…yes to all of the above, please!

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Simple Bites. Aimee and her contributors have tons of great tips and recipes for canning and freezing food.  I’m particularly intrigued by the brilliance of the stir-fry vegetable freezer packages and the whipped raspberry honey butter.

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Well Preserved.  This site is new to me, but I’m loving all the informational posts, like “Canning Salsa? 3 Things You Must Know,” and “What is Syphoning.”  Plus, Dana and Joel have some great-looking recipes!

What are your favorite preserving, gardening or homesteading sites?


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    Aw, thanks! One of the great ironies of being a food blogger AND a preserver: you make all of these great summer preserves, yet have no time to write about them! 🙂 Hope you are enjoying your summer putting-up.

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    These are great blogs! I’ve been visiting a couple of them for awhile now. Another great site is http://spoiledtoperfection.com/ They focus on all kinds of food preservation, and celebrate a lot of local businesses that create fermented and cultured foods. It’s a great mix of recipes, how-tos and interesting information about all things preserved!

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    Thank you so much! I’ve been looking for some legitimately great homestead blogs lately. I’ve been getting really invested into the lifestyle and could use some inspiration!

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