A Savvy Week: A Pot of Beans

Save your time, save your money, and eat some great meals.  This week, the menu is designed around one big pot of beans.


A Pot of Beans

Monday:  Beans and Pasta with a side of Collard Greens with Almonds and Raisins OR roasted broccoli.
Tuesday: Burrito Bowls or Vegetarian Cincinnati Chili
Wednesday: Beans and Pasta leftovers with a side of Garlic Kale.
Thursday: More beans and pasta, chili or burrito bowls if there are leftovers.  Otherwise, something simple like grilled cheese with carrots and hummus.

On Sunday:

Cook the beans. Dice the pancetta for the Beans and Pasta. Dice the onion for the Beans and Pasta and the Chili (if applicable).  Cook the almonds and raisins for the Collard Greens.

On Monday:

Make the Beans and Pasta according to the recipe.  While the pasta cooks, prepare the Collard Greens.

New Prep Time:  5 minutes
New Cook Time: 25 minutes

On Tuesday:

For Burrito Bowls: While the rice cooks, reheat the beans, shred the cheese and prepare the mashed avocado.

For Chili: Prepare according to recipe directions.

On Wednesday:

Happy leftovers!

On Thursday:

Happy leftovers!

Happy Savvy Eating!


  1. says

    love these Savvy weeks!

    in Decemeber, you should do a “Savvy Week of Holiday Baking” since so many of us give baked/homemade gifts!

    and i can’t WAIT to see how the Savvy Garden weaves itself into Savvy Weeks 🙂

  2. says

    This is a great series. I like the way you have it laid out simply, it keeps the info from being overwhelming. Menu planning ahead for the entire week is a skill that I’ve not yet mastered despite knowing how much food waste it could avoid and stress it could relieve. I do often make a pot of beans and use it for meals for the next day or two.