A Savvy Week: Halloween Menu

At our Halloween party this weekend, we kept the decorations simple:

Winter squash arranged around pumpkin-scented candles

Our Halloween "tree," composed of sticks from the backyard, a vase, and orange and black ribbons.

And came up with a fun and spooky playlist, ranging from classics like Monster Mash and Ghostbusters to favorites like Thriller and Werewolves of London. And some not-really-Halloween-themed-but-there-are-only-so-many-Halloween-songs-out-there like Punch Bowl by Punch Brothers and Robots by Flight of the Conchords. As for the food, we went with chili and soft pretzels.  Who doesn’t love chili and homemade soft pretzels?  To see how I planned ahead and what exactly was on our menu, check out my guest post on AllRecipes today!

Lots of candles, jars of candy and this little owl candle holder from Michael's ($4). We have dubbed him "Maurice."


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    Smart. Halloween decorations you can eat later. I’ve got lots of those (winter squashes) lined up on my counter right now. Not to mention the various pumpkins/squashes/gourds employed in the carved Halloween pumpkins that are outside on our porch right now. Hope your party was fun!

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