A Savvy Week: Tilapia and Lime Mayonnaise

Your Time, Your Money, Your Meals. Cook It Forward.

This week: one-half pound of tilapia + caramelized veggies + one batch of lime mayonnaise.


Tilapia and Lime Mayonnaise

Monday: Tilapia Tacos with Lime Mayonnaise and a side of Carrot Cilantro Salad (optional)
Tuesday: Vegetable leftovers with tortilla chips or rice (see below)
Wednesday: Tuna Melts with a Cinnamon Apple and Walnut Salad
Thursday: Repeat of Tuesday or Breakfast for Dinner

On Sunday:

Prepare the lime mayonnaise according to recipe directions.  Chop and sauté the vegetables for the tacos. Cover and refrigerate the vegetables and mayonnaise for the next day.

On Monday:

Reheat the vegetables and make the carrot cilantro salad (optional).  Wait to prepare the fish until everything else is ready, as the pan-frying will demand all your attention. Assemble and serve your tacos. Cover and refrigerate all leftover components individually.

On Tuesday:

You will likely have some vegetables left over after Monday.  If this is the case, reheat and top with guacamole and serve with a side of tortilla chips for dipping or on top of a bed of brown rice.

On Wednesday:

Mix a bit of the leftover mayonnaise with some canned tuna and shredded cheddar.  Spread the tuna between slices of your favorite rye or sourdough bread and grill.  Serve with a cinnamon apple and walnut salad.

On Thursday:

If you still have vegetable leftovers, repeat Tuesday’s meal.  If you do not, have breakfast for dinner…because who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?

Happy Savvy Eating!


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    I am not a mayo fan, but after looking at your yummy recipe, I may give it a DIY try 🙂 I found a vegan mayo recipe made with almonds, but I just couldn’t get the smooth texture/consistency I was looking for. Yours looks tasty and easy!