A Savvy Week: Tilapia and Pesto

Your Time, Your Money, Your Meals. Cook It Forward.

This week: one pound of tilapia + one half-pint of pesto.


Tilapia and Pesto

Monday: Tomato and Feta Tilapia on a bed of Pesto and Green Bean Quinoa
Tuesday: Leftover Quinoa with Chickpea and Carrot Crockpot Soup
Wednesday: Pesto Pizza “Quesadillas” with leftover soup or a simple salad
Thursday: Leftover Soup with a sliced baguette

On Monday:

Prepare the fish and quinoa according to recipe directions.  Both of them are simple enough that no advance prep is needed.

On Tuesday:

Allow the soup to cook in the slow-cooker while you go about your day.  In the evening, reheat the quinoa from Monday and serve with bowls of soup.

On Wednesday:

Cook the quesadillas and serve with soup leftovers or a salad.

On Thursday:

Reheat your soup leftovers and serve with a sliced baguette.

Happy Savvy Eating!


  1. says

    You have inspired me to start this in my own kitchen. Last week was pintos (loved your pasta and beans recipe!!) and this week is chickpeas… I even made a meal that wasn’t on the menu because I was ran out of time for something more involved. Thank goodness for the already cooked beans waiting in my fridge 🙂

  2. Lindsey says

    That is actually great! I never thought of batch cooking before because I find it boring, but then again that can also give me a lot of saving and will make me more creative in the long run.