A Shower Conversion


Our house technically came with two full bathrooms.  But as the upstairs contained only a clawfoot tub instead of a shower, it wasn’t the most practical.  We used it for giving the dog a bath, but that’s about it.  It was especially annoying in the winter, rushing downstairs on icy cold mornings to shower.


Not anymore.  In January, we ordered a clawfoot tub shower conversion kit from Signature Hardware.  Now, we have two full baths…both with showers.  No more running downstairs to get ready in the morning.  From the cute vintage-looking handles to the relaxing spray from the shower head to the pretty grey-swirled curtains, I adore our new shower.  Plus, now when we have guests, they can have their own bathroom and shower downstairs.

After 2



  1. says

    we had one of those in my first apartment. i didn’t like it because there was no place to put our shower stuff, like shampoo, soap, etc! it def. took some getting used to!

    • Julie says

      Yeah, it takes some getting used to. We didn’t want to get rid of the clawfoot, so we have a little rolling rack right outside the shower.

  2. says

    i’m always so impressed by your home-improvement projects. 🙂 i’ve resigned myself to the fact that neither my husband nor myself is handy and it’s really unlikely that we’ll ever do a project like this ourselves. ever.

    i’ll just read about other people doing them!