A Thanksgiving Count-Down Calendar

Little Things Calendar 2

By now, it has become a Thanksgiving tradition to really celebrate the little things in life in the the weeks leading up to Turkey Day.  In 2010, I kept it simple: slips of paper in a jar.  In 2011, I took it up a notch and we wrote what we were thankful for on little paper leaves for our “tree.”  Both times, we took some time each day to write down that day’s “Little Thing.”


This year, we’re doing things in reverse, with a Thanksgiving “advent” calendar.  I’ve thought ahead and written out 2 dozen little things we are regularly thankful for, and nestled them in little paper pockets. Starting on Tuesday of this week (24 days before Thanksgiving), we pull out one each day and find a way to celebrate that little thing.

Little Things Calendar

We’ll read for 10 extra minutes on Books day. Give the puppy an extra cuddle on Max day.  Open a jar of jam or applesauce of sliced peaches on Canning day.

Little Things Calendar 3

What are you thankful for this month?