A Thanksgiving Savvy Week

Image Source: Tim Morris for Bon Appetit.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I finally managed to narrow down and finalize my Thanksgiving menu.  The next step in my holiday planning?  Figuring out how I’m going to start cooking as early as Monday so that I have more time to enjoy our guests and the holiday later in the week.

Lucky for you, I’ve come up with two excellent menus and prep steps for you:  one using dishes entirely from AllRecipes, and one using recipes from various blogs and magazines.

Check out the AllRecipes “Traditional Thanksgiving With a Twist” menu here.

Our Thanksgiving Menu:

Roast turkey with compound butter (I’ll be using this butter instead of the bacon-herb butter the recipe calls for, and a gravy similar to this one)
Pumpkin cornbread
Wineberry salad (a Feld tradition)
Pan-roasted Brussels sprouts in brown butter, Romano cheese and pecans (recipe coming soon!)
Roasted carrots
Caramelized onion mashed potatoes
Wild rice stuffing
Holiday Dark and Stormy cocktails

Wine, cider, water
Hand pies of various flavors (pumpkin, apple, pear mincemeat, possibly chocolate or pecan)


Trim and halve the Brussels sprouts, chop the pecans and shred the Romano cheese for the Brussels sprouts dish.
Make turkey stock for the gravy.


Make the wineberry salad (cover and refrigerate)
Caramelize onions for the mashed potatoes.


Make pie dough.
Make pie fillings, but don’t assemble the hand pies just yet!
Begin making the stuffing.


Roast turkey
While the turkey is roasting:

Make cocktails (Heather is our designated bartender!)
Bake the cornbread.
Make the mashed potatoes.

While the turkey is resting:

Bake the stuffing
Roast carrots
Make the gravy
Cook the Brussels sprouts
Warm up the mashed potatoes.


Fill and bake hand pies (bake at 375F for 20-ish minutes)


What’s going to be on your Thanksgiving table, and how are you preparing in advance?


  1. says

    you’re so organized!! I am going to my parents house so I won’t have to prepare anything special, I think I’m going to be lazy and just whip up some pumpkin brownies the night before and call it a day.