April: Pantry Staples

Jamaica Collage

Welcome to April! As you may have gathered from Instagram, Dan and I just returned from a weeklong vacation, our first trip that was just for the two of us, and not to visit family or friends, since our honeymoon nearly four years ago. We spent a week on the beach in Jamaica, reading, swimming, snorkeling, and reading some more. There was lots of sun, plenty of cocktails (one of the benefits of staying at an all-inclusive!) and a whole lot of unwinding and relaxation.  I prescheduled all of last week’s posts, and didn’t touch my email or anything else Internet-related for the entire trip. After a stressful winter for both of us, it was exactly what Dan and I needed.

Now I’m back, and ready to jump back into things. This month, we’re talking pantry staples: from caramelized onions to grab-and-go snacks to marinades and everything in between. Rather than filling your fridge and pantry with store-bought condiments, you can make your own! You’ll know exactly what ingredients went into your sauces, and you can customize them to your exact tastes. It is a win-win!

So let’s get going, shall we? I’ll be back later this week with the first staple recipe!

xoxo, Julie