Blood Orange Marmalade

Blood Orange Marmalade 2

Aren’t these the cutest little jars you’ve ever seen?  The first one came from my gramma.  She gave it to me at the family reunion this summer, and I love its shape and pattern.  The second is an adorable “elite” jar from Ball.

Blood Orange Marmalade 1

And that gorgeous rosy stuff inside? Blood orange marmalade.  We fell in love with the blood orange juice and jam served at breakfast nearly every morning while in Italy.  I wasn’t on the ball enough to make some marmalade last year, but I made sure to fit it in this year.  It was totally worth the effort.

Blood Orange Marmalade

I now have three 1/2 pint jars full of beautiful blood orange marmalade, sweet with a punch of grapefruit-like sour and plenty of chewy candied orange peel, plus a nearly full 1/2 pint jar that  wasn’t full enough to process and seal.  Ah well…guess it means well have to eat lots in the next few weeks!

You can find the recipe I used at Food in Jars.



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    this sounds divine!! and i love those little jars 🙂 so cute. the “elite” jars are my FAVORITES of the ones we have at the apartment. We use them to hold all sorts of stuff. [i also like to keep some of my secret vices in jars – adorable “hiding” spots for that which I love to indulge, you know? Special treats need a special place – right?]