Bridal Shower Fun

Saturday was a fabulous day!

Since my birthday was yesterday, my parents and sister got here a little early this weekend to take me out to a birthday lunch at one of our favorites, Bluephies. I had a fabulous chicken salad sandwich and vegetable minestrone, but the star of the meal was dessert. Let’s face it, that is the best part!We split… a Chocolate Eruption cake, cheesecake burrito, and cookie dough egg rolls. YUM. I’m torn between the cake and the egg rolls as my favorite. Good thing, too, since the egg rolls are standing in for our wedding cake!

Bluphie's Chocolate Eruption Bluephie's Cheesecake Burrito Bluephie's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Egg Roll

Then, it was off to the bridal shower!

Bridal Shower Guests

Bridal Shower Bridesmaids

Gifts were opened….

Toilet paper dresses were made…

Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses

And lots of yummy food was enjoyed.

Kudos to Kelley for doing ALL of the cooking (except for the fruit salsa and cake #1, which was all Amanda, and cake #2, courtesy of Katie). Some of the highlights of the menu?

The bachelorette party took us to the Melting Pot, a laid-back bar, and a sleepover with my out-of-town friends. SO much fun!

Can I get married now? :)


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    It looks like a wonderful shower! I especially love those toilet paper dresses! They look nicer than my own dress—those girls have talent!

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