Comfort Required {Blueberry French Toast}

I couldn’t sleep the other night.  I blame the heat wave and our lack of air conditioning.  Even our fans couldn’t keep up with the heat last Thursday, and our window AC unit is downstairs.

I tossed and turned all night.  At one point, I was unsure whether I was awake or asleep.

I could have sworn I saw something fly across the room, but that didn’t make any sense.  I mumbled to Dan, “I think I’m hallucinating or something.”

The very next night as we got ready for bed, I walked down the hall and thought I saw something fly out of my office.  It was suspiciously similar to the ‘hallucination’ or dream that I vaguely remembered.

“Um, Dan?  I think I just saw a bat or something fly downstairs into the living room.”

“I don’t see anything…. oh wait.  Yup.  That’s a bat.”

I started down the stairs to help him chase the bat out of the house (and by ‘help,’ I really mean ‘get the dog out of the way so he didn’t start barking and following it out the door’).  And was rewarded with a bat flying straight at my face, chasing me up the stairs and into the bedroom.  Every time I tried to leave the room to help Dan, the bat would zoom down the hall, past the bedroom door.  I think it was teasing me.

Eventually, Dan managed to swat at it with a towel, stunning it for long enough that he could cover it with a plastic mixing bowl.  I won’t go into detail as to how we got it out of the house without it escaping into the hallway again or biting Dan, but I will say this: the process involved a mixing bowl, a towel, two pieces of cardboard and two garbage bags.

Afterwards, I went into my office, only to see that a box had been knocked off one of the shelves in the bat’s flight.  Yes, there was a bat living in my office all day.  Good thing it was too hot to work in there, or I imagine I would have stumbled upon it when I was home alone.

To sum it all up:

A bat. Lived in my office all day. And then it flew at my face and chased me up the stairs. And my husband is a rock star.

Needless to say, I needed some comfort food the next morning.

Blueberry French Toast

Blueberry French Toast

Serves 2

4 slices sourdough bread
1/2 cup blueberries
4 medium eggs
3 tablespoons milk
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Puree the blueberries in a blender or food processor.  Whisk the puree with the eggs, milk, cinnamon and vanilla until the eggs are broken and the cinnamon is no longer sitting at the surface.

Pour the egg mixture into a wide, shallow baking dish.

Immerse two slices of bread in the eggs, flipping after a minute or two so that both sides are saturated.

In the meantime, grease and heat a skillet over medium-low heat.  When the pan is warm, add the soaked bread and cook for 3-4 minutes, or until the egg batter is set and beginning to brown.  Flip and cook for another 2-3 minutes.

Repeat with remaining bread and eggs, then serve with blueberry syrup (recipe below).


Blueberry Syrup

1/2 cup blueberries
1/2 cup maple syrup

Puree the blueberries.  Mix the puree with the syrup and heat over medium-low in a small saucepan until it is just starting to bubble.  Serve over French toast (or pancakes!)


  1. says

    LOL..Reading your article was like “deja vu”…all over again. Years ago, while I was doing homework in my bedroom, I heard my mother scream downstairs. I ran down the steps to see her scrunched up on the sofa covering her head with her skirt and crying that there was a bat in the house. My father then came into the room and calmly announced that JP (me) and I will handle this. Dad went and got a broom and we went to the spare bedroom where the bat had finally settled down. When we got to the door my father handed me the broom and pushed me into the room closing the door behind me. (he was terrified of rodents) The bat then started flying around the room with me swinging at it like it was the pinata from Hell. After a minute or so of this activity the little guy decided to take a break and landed on one of the drapes. I caught my breath while I sized up the situation then called out to my father to bring me a cookie sheet, which he slid under the door. I slowly moved the cookie sheet up the back of the drape and, when I had it in position, I quickly covered up the bat with my fathers Fedora hat. Then i slid the cookie sheet and the hat down the drape until hat, bat and cookie sheet were clear and walked,triumphantly, to the front door and released the critter outside.
    Can’t remember what we had for breakfast the next day.

  2. says

    Oh. My. Gosh. I laughed my head off when you texted me… though I’m pretty sure if I was there I would have been screaming.

    Dan is THE MAN.

    Not nearly as scary… apparently my dog bought a baby bird to my mom this weekend. My mom said she was being very gentle with it. Like she wanted my mom to help it. My mom freaked… haha

    • Julie @savvyeats says

      Haha, I laughed when I sent the text, too. Only because the bat was out of the house by then 😉

      I would have freaked about the bird too!

    • Julie @savvyeats says

      Sad face! How young are the bushes? I know they don’t produce in the first year or two…

  3. says

    Great minds think alike. I too posted a blueberry french toast recipe a few weeks ago with the blueberries blended into the batter. So good! Doesn’t it immediately get your mind whirling with other possibilities? Mango french toast, peach french toast – endless options! Fortunately mine didn’t have any bat-trauma the night before. 😉

  4. J.arevalo says

    Oh, are we talking about real bat here? I can’t believe you had to put up with a bat in your office..well, maybe bats are good pets…;)
    But the french toast? I LIKE!! yummy!!

  5. Serina Aubrecht says

    Julie! You are SUCH AN AWESOME COOK/BAKER!! How do you come up with theses things?! It is pure genius… and that goes to all the cooks out there! =)

  6. says

    Oh my gosh! I’d have been scared for my life if I were you. I freak out when I see spiders, and here you guys are with a bat in your house! I would definitely seek comfort with blueberry french toast after a night like that!

  7. says

    This is just so mouth watering. Looking at the picture and reading your post made me hungry. Gosh! I need to have my midnight snack now. Your recipe is very easy too. Thanks for this Julie. I’m gonna make one in a while but I don’t think I have blueberries around. =( Well anyways, your site is very nice. You always put easy to do recipes. Thanks again Julie!

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