Days 13-20 of the Little Things

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Time for another update for 30 Days of the Little Things (the first 5 days are recapped here, and days 6-12 are here)!  Don’t forget, it is never too late to join in and start sharing what you are thankful for. And I’d love to see your Little Things listed or linked in the comments section below!

Psst:  I’m sharing my daily Little Things on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #30daysofLT- follow along and join in!

This Week’s Little Things:

November 13: Girls’ Night + Magazine Organizing.

Day 13 of LT

My friend Megan and I have a standing date for weekly girls’ nights.  Last Wednesday, we had some dinner, watched It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and got crafty.  Megan knit while I worked on my “organize all the old magazines” project.



November 14: Window-Side With My Quilt + A Fun Cookbook.

Day 14 of LT

I know, my window seat was already one of my Little Things. But this was the first time I really sat down and worked there.  It will definitely be more comfortable when I finish making the cushions, but I’m still enjoying my new reading nook.



 November 15: Reinstating Date Night Friday.

Day 15 of LTLast winter, Dan and I had Date Night Friday nearly every week.  For some reason, we stopped our Friday tradition, but we decided to reinstate it two weeks ago.  By the end of the week, we’re usually both exhausted and out of fresh produce.  So we order in and rent a movie, or go out to a restaurant. For this date night, we went out for Indian food, and took some time to reconnect over kofta curry and chicken tikka saag.


November 16: New Favorite Cocktail.

Day 16 of LT

Amaretto + a little Irish cream = grown-up melted milkshake for Happy Hour. We  picked up a pumpkin spice liqueur on a whim last week too, which is delicious with amaretto.




November 17: A Day of Recipe Testing.

Day 17 of LT

I was feeling a bit behind on things, so I took a day to do some recipe testing.  The weather was grey and drizzly, so I tested a bunch of comfort food and winter cocktails.





November 18: Google Hangouts for Long-Distance Girls’ Nights.

In addition to our weekly HLS-planning Hangouts, Heather and I have been making our more social Google Hangouts a regular thing. It isn’t quite the same as spending time together in person, but I still love getting some best friend “face time!”


November 19: Magazines + tea to unwind.

Day 19 of LT

I was feeling a little burnt out on Tuesday night, so I was so excited when two new magazine issues arrived with the mail. Flipping through magazines with a cup of herbal tea was a nice way to end the evening!




November 20: Sunny puppy // Healthy snacks.

Day 20 of LT

When he isn’t sleeping on my lap, Max spends the work day sleeping. I love watching him move from sun spot to sun spot throughout the day.

Also, healthy snacks are awesome!



What Little Things have been making you happy this week?

PS: Here’s the worksheet if you want to jump in on the challenge now:



    • Julie says

      It is taking me so long to organize them, but it will be totally worth it in the end – I’ll actually be able to find the recipes I want to make!

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