Days 21-28 of the Little Things (Happy Thanksgiving!)


Thanksgiving 2013 jpg

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!  May your day be filled with family, friends and food!

It is time for another update for 30 Days of the Little Things (the first 5 days are recapped here, days 6-12 are here, and days 13-20 are here)!  I’d love to see your Little Things listed or linked in the comments section below, especially in these last few days of the month surrounding Thanksgiving.

Psst:  I’m sharing my daily Little Things on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #30daysofLT- follow along and join in!

This Week’s Little Things:

November 21: Holiday music.

Day 21 of LT

…And so it began.  I was working on some December DIY Gift posts, so I put on Straight No Chaser’s new holiday record to get into the holiday spirit.  Another little thing: tomorrow is the first day I’m allowed to listen to all holiday music, all the time, without driving Dan crazy!



November 22: At-Home Date Night.

Day 22 of LT

I had a headache all afternoon and evening on Friday, so Dan and I decided to make our Friday night date an at-home one.  We ordered in Thai and watched a comedy special + a movie on Netflix. It was a nice and relaxing evening.

Also, headache = forgetting to take a picture.  So here’s one of Max being a blanket hog instead.


 November 23: Soup and Grilled Cheese Party.

Day 23 of LTMy friend Megan and I have a ton of themed dinner parties planned for this winter.  First up? A soup and grilled cheese party!  Megan made two types of soup + provided all the grilled cheese fixings.  I provided dessert.  So much fun!


November 24: Dan’s Birthday.

Day 24 of LT

Sunday was all about my favorite person: Dan!  We’ve been together for nearly 8 years now, and I am grateful for him every single day. To celebrate his turning 27, we spent a quiet morning at home, then went out to a local cafe’s closing party, complete with music and an all-you-can-eat-local-and-organic buffet.




November 25: Shipping Fun Goodies.

Day 25 of LT

I’m participating in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap.  Because the shipping deadline is right after Thanksgiving, I decided to get a jump on things and get everything mailed out in advance.  As luck would have it, that means that the post office was MUCH less crowded than it will be come December. Check back mid-December for the cookie swap round-up and my recipe!



November 26: Turkey Time!

Day 26 of LT

I picked up our turkey, and got to spend a few minutes chatting with Sarah. It was nice to see her smiling face.

Also, all of their turkeys ended up being way larger than expected.  So we have a 20-ish pound turkey. For 3 people.  Good thing we like leftovers!



November 27: Heather Arrives.


Heather is spending the holiday weekend with us, so I drove to Syracuse to pick her up from her train.  We immediately jumped into long catch-up chats and HLS brainstorms on the drive home, and she helped me with some Thanksgiving prep.

Email chain between Heather and I in preparation for this visit…

Me: “Also, if you want a fun Thanksgiving task to do on the train: come up with some ideas for a cooking-all-day Thanksgiving playlist. Podcasts and music are both acceptable!”


Me: “And this is why we are best friends.”

Love this girl!


November 28: Thanksgiving.

Today, I’m thankful for a lot of things.  I’m so lucky to spend the day with Dan, Heather and Max.  We have a lot of healthy and not-so-healthy delicious food weighing down our dining table. We have great friends, both local and far away, and family we love and cherish. There are so many little things to be thankful for, too!


What Little Things have been making you happy this week?

PS: Here’s the worksheet if you want to jump in on the challenge now.  Since it is so late in the month, challenge yourself to come up with 30 Little Things to be thankful for today…it could be a fun pre-dinner Thanksgiving challenge!



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