DIY Gift: Cocktail Kits

Moscow Mules Cocktail Kit #holiday #DIY #foodgifts

I’ve got a new DIY holiday gift idea for you. And for those of you who think you aren’t crafty or don’t feel confident in your cooking abilities, fear not – this one requires little to no DIY skills to pull off!

Can you buy alcohol, bottles and a container to fit them? If so, you’re 90% of the way to a successful DIY Cocktail Kit gift. Pick your recipient’s favorite cocktail, or one you think they’d like to try, and pack up a box of most or all of the makings for said cocktail.  OR, gift your cocktail aficionado friend a basket of fun mixers, garnishes and infused liquors. Either will bring a smile to your giftee’s face!

I put together two sample boxes to give you a jumping off point for both the gift items themselves, as well as how to package them.  

First up, the Moscow Mule/Dark and Stormy box:

Moscow Mules Cocktail Kit #holiday #DIY #foodgifts

In the box: Strawberry-infused vodka (for Moscow Mules), spiced rum (for a good Dark & Stormy), a lime and a jigger.  Not pictured: a 6-pack of ginger beer!

I packed the ingredients in a deep box that was originally meant to hold CD cases…but who has a ton of  CDs in individual cases anymore? If you don’t have infused-vodka, you can just use a good quality plain vodka…or make an infusion! You could also replace the spiced rum with a cranberry-infused rum for a little extra spice.

If you want to include a recipe with your gift box, try this recipe for a Dark and Stormy – and note that if they sub in vodka for the rum, they will have a Moscow Mule! 

Next up, the Manhattan/Old Fashioned Gift Box:

Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit #holiday #DIY #foodgifts

In the box: Whiskey/bourbon, Angostura bitters, maraschino cherries, jigger, pink peppercorn-infused simple syrup.

You might want to include a bottle of sweet vermouth for the Manhattan fans in your life, or replace the syrup with some sugar cubes for a good Old Fashioned. But even without those subs, this combo box would be a great gift – there are so many cocktails you can make with bitters, cherries and simple syrup! For instance, in addition to the Manhattan/Old Fashioned base recipes, you could make a Grown-Up Cherry Cola with just a few extra ingredients. 

A few last-minute tips:

1. This gift, while awesome, would be challenging to ship (the USPS doesn’t typically like the glass bottles + liquid one-two punch).

2. Don’t forget to wrap the glass bottles in some tissue paper or even bubble wrap to give them some cushioning.

3. For a non-DIY added touch, consider including a cocktail shaker or some appropriate barware with your cocktail kit!

What DIY gifts are you making this year?

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  1. says

    Hi Julie – wonderful ideas your DIY holiday gifts. Where did you procure the nice bottles? I can’t locate any nice food safe bottles for spiced rum. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

    • Julie says

      I found these at the grocery store. They were back with the canning jars and other preserving tools. If you have a restaurant supply store near you, you could check there as well!


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