DIY Tea Travel Kit

Tea Travel 2

I promised myself I would start packing for IACP this morning.  I’ve pulled the suitcase out of the basement and set aside a few outfits. I’ve chosen a book for the bus and my iPod is charging.  And I’ve packed up some tea.  Because we all know I can’t be without my tea.

I have a little jar of loose-leaf chai and a bag of orange oolong, along with a little two-tablespoon measuring scoop and a tea ball for brewing.  And just in case I’m in a rush to get out the door, I also pulled out some bags of chai.  I threw in some bags of herbal tea for caffeine-free evening sipping and wrapped it all up in the pouch I sewed this weekend.

For my bag, I cut out some vintage-Pyrex-inspired tea fabric from Drygoods Design for the outside, and some random navy blue fabric for the lining.

Tea Travel 3

I used a combination of these two tutorials to sew my little pouch.  I cut everything to size based on the first tutorial, and learned how to add the zipper (and a lining, which wasn’t in the first tutorial) with the second.

Tea Travel 4

I wish I could tell you how I sewed the corners all nice and square.  The tutorials weren’t quite clear on how to make them even, so I did a lot of guess-check-and-rip-out-the-seams.  Definitely not the most efficient way to do things, and it still isn’t perfect, but that’s okay.

Tea Travel 1

As I make more little pouches, I’m sure I’ll figure out a formula for sewing the corners.  Until then…more guess and check!

Now I have some of the essentials packed up for my NYC and IACP trip later this week: plenty of tea!



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    ohmygosh. This is SO cute, Julie!! I really need to remember to take tea with me when I travel, and the is an adorable and cost-effective option!

    Now if only I knew how to use my sewing machine to make that adorable pouch…..