Food Blogger Prop Swap Reveal Day

Prop Swap 2

Like many food bloggers, I have amassed a nice variety and range of dishes for my photography.  At antique stores and flea markets, it is like I am magnetically drawn to the dishware, and I can spot vintage Pyrex from three stands away.  But there are some dishes and other props that I’ve used enough in my photos that they no longer get used, and are left neglected in the back of the cabinet.  

So a few weeks ago, I signed up for the Food Blogger Prop Swap, hosted by Alyssa and Faith. It was the perfect opportunity to send off some of my no-longer-used dishes to a new home, where they will hopefully get revived and put into commission again. Plus, getting some new props for myself in exchange was a nice perk!  

I sent a box of props to Mary, and received this generous supply from Josh. We went out of town for a week right after the package came, so I haven’t had a chance to play around with recipes and work the props into my photos yet. But my favorites are the little glass jar + bottle, and I actually really needed a fine-mesh sieve!  Thanks, Josh!

Prop Swap



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    What great props you received! Love those bottles and I could really use that fine mesh sieve as well! I’m glad I was introduced to your lovely blog through this fun event! : )