Getting Organized in the New Year: Emails

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Two weeks ago, I cleaned out all of my email inboxes and rearranged how I am sorting things. (I’ve dug up some old posts for reference: Be a GMail Superstar, Parts 1 and 2.)  I’m still using stars, multiple inboxes and filters, but my inboxes have changed.  Now, they go:

Yellow stars: Respond within 48 hours
Green stars: Respond within the week
Purple stars: Take care of sometime this month
Blue stars: Reference emails
Orange stars: Healthy Living Summit (because we’re fully into 2013 planning mode!) 

I take some time every afternoon to respond to the yellow starred emails. Every few days, I skim through the green stars (“Respond within the week”) to see what needs to be moved to the yellow folder (“Respond within 48 hours”), and I completely clean that one out at the end of each week.  Similarly, the monthly inbox gets reviewed each week, and completely cleared at the end of the month.

Filters, stars and multiple inboxes are your friends.  Don’t be afraid to use them!

How are you getting your online life organized?

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