Glo Bar Giveaway!

Empower Glo Bar

Empower Glo Bar

You may recall from my Glo-ing review that I love Angela’s Glo bars.

It is still true.

My two favorite flavors are the Renew and Empower. Renew, as mentioned before, packs a lot of protein into a little bar. Perfect for days when you feel like you need a little protein-boost on the go. And a great alternative to the typical post-race bagels, I’ve discovered!

Empower is one of the new flavors of Glo bars. Chewy and peppered throughout with dark chocolate and coffee, this bar melts in your mouth. Plus, it has 20 mg of caffeine! I’m not a huge coffee or tea fan (yet), and it is nice to find some caffeine in another natural, healthy form. Please note that I love these bars even though I don’t love coffee. The dark chocolate masks the bitter coffee aftertaste.

I love Glo bars, and I want to give all my readers a chance to try them, too!

And so, my very first giveaway will be….

10 Glo bars of any available flavor!

Present Glo bar

Present Glo bar

A reader will be chosen at random at noon (CST) on Thursday, November 19 and will be able to select any of the Glo bar flavors (provided the chosen flavor is in stock at Glo bakery at the time)!

Personally, I really want to try the new Present flavor… cranberry pumpkin spice? Yes, please!

How can you enter?


Yesterday, I talked about how I wanted to write about the science behind food.

So, to enter the Glo bar giveaway, just leave a comment here about what food science questions you want answered. I’ll try to answer as many of them as possible in future posts!

For example, later this week, I’ll be posting about why you can replace eggs with a flax/water combo when baking!

What food science questions do you have for me? It can be anything!

PS: I am not this good at photography yet. These pics are from the Glo Bakery site!


  1. says

    Great idea for a future post (and great giveaway lol). My question is why do fresh organic foods, like fruits and veg, tend to spoil faster. Is it due to less/different pesticides while they’re growin or does it have something to do with the shiny coating non-organic veggies tend to have or both?

  2. says

    Great idea! I want to know if you can teach yourself to like something or if you are “hardwired” to dislike it. I keep trying to like beets and they taste like dirt to me!

  3. says

    Oh what an exciting giveaway!!! I was actually looking at Glo Bars the other day considering making my first order.

    My question is about the best way to keep bread fresh. What is it? I’ve heard putting it in the fridge keeps it fresh long, and also I’ve heard putting it in the fridge actually shortens its lifespan.

  4. Amanda says

    My question is: why does almond milk need to be used within 7 to 10 days after opening? I think it needs to be made to last longer! I don’t use it every day and sometimes have to throw it out because I *think* it may be bad, but don’t know how to tell when it actually goes bad… I just go by the number of days it has been open.

  5. Jane B. says

    Why do people tend to gain weight in different areas (i.e., some carry more weight in the tummy, others have most of their weight in their thighs and rear)? Is it something nutrition can help?

  6. says

    Awesome giveaway, I’ve been wanting to try Glo bars for awhile!

    Umm food science question, I want to know what is the absolutely BEST food out there for you and why? (Not sure if this question can be answered or not, haha)

    I also second Morgan’s question. When you “lose” weight, where does it go?

  7. Julie says

    Whenever I look at yogurt nutrition facts I’m surprised by the amount of “sugars” in one little cup — and then I realized the “sugars” listed are probably lactose, the natural occuring sugar from milk. So two questions: 1) is it possible to get rid of the naturally occuring sugar in milk or yogurt (ie to have “sugar free” yogurt) and 2) how can I differentiate between naturally occuring sugars and “added” sugars when reading a nutrition lable?

  8. says

    Fun giveaway!
    I would love to know why it doesn’t matter if you alter the amount or type of sugar in a recipe. I know that you can usually halve or substitute sugar in any given recipe, without affecting the texture… this would not be true for the amount or type of flour, leavener, etc.

  9. says

    I would like know how eating calories of good food (healthy, natural, unprocessed foods) is difference from eating the same amount of calories of junk. How can you lose weight by eating 2,000 calories a day of the good stuff, and gain weight on only 1,500 of the bad stuff? What about the calories in versus calories out theory?

  10. says

    I would love to try the Empower glo bars!!

    I’m not sure if this is really a science question, but what is the diffference between all of the different types of flour (self-rising, multiple purpose, oat, rice, ect..) and how do you which will be the best for what?

  11. says

    Awesome giveaway! I’m dying to try the glo bars.

    My food science question – why do onions make you cry? And is there any way to avoid it?

  12. says

    It’s been so long since I took my one required food science class! Hmm I’m curious about the difference behind specific antioxidants. Why are some better for you than others?

  13. says

    I don’t know if this is considered food science or not (if it’s not you can just delete me from the contest – but if you know the answer I would love to know it) I am looking for a way to make a vegan meat replacement. I know there is tofu but apparently I am the one person alive who can’t figure this out and it is always NASTY and slimy. I had found something called Chik’n made by Midland Harvest but now I can’t find it anywhere (even online) and can’t afford to feed the household of 4 the quorn Chick’n so…

  14. says

    I read somewhere that you can actually drink too much water. The article said it messes with your body’s ability to regulate salt in your body. Is this true?

  15. Julie says

    oooh I’ve been dying to try her bars.

    Food science is super interesting. I’ve always been interested in the nutrients lost or released when food is heated. In the latest issue of Prevention magazine they address this with certain foods. I always thought foods had their highest nutrient content when they were raw but according to this article, roasting root veggies with their skin on and tomatoes with olive oil helps release their super nutrients. I’m not sure how true it is but it’s pretty neat and definitely something to think about.

  16. Kimberly Jahnke says

    I’ve been dying to try some Glo Bars~ What a great giveaway!

    My food/science question: Is there such thing as getting too much fiber? I know most Americans get way too little but what about the other extreme?

  17. Elizabeth says

    People always say that the omega-3s (?) and fatty acids in fish help to make your hair shinier and smoother. Why? Is this really true? And why, if you eat too much orange-colored vegetables (carrots, sweet potatoes, squash) does your skin become orange tinted?

  18. Kristine says

    i’m not really sure if this falls into the “food science” category, but I have heard so many times that nutrition labels are false advertising, and i’d love to see how accurate nutrition labels REALLY are! :)

  19. Kristen says

    I thought I heard that the use of baking powder vs. baking soda is based on alkalinity vs. acidity, but then why do some recipes call for both? Wouldn’t it cancel each other in some way?

  20. says

    Great giveaway! I’ve been dying to try Angela’s Glo Bars! Here is my question: What is the difference between baking soda and baking powder? Can you substitute one for the other?

  21. Linda says

    Awesome giveaway! I’d like to know how much water you should consume per day. I’ve read so many conflicting stories!

  22. says

    I’d be interested to know more about different types of proteins and how much protein your body actually needs. I constantly feel like I need to consume more protein but it’s probably not the case.

    Glo bars look delicious!

  23. says

    Hi Julie!!

    What a great give away! I would love to know the difference in how your body breaks down food when you provide it with whole foods vs. processed foods. I believe it is possible to eat many more calories and still lose weight eating whole foods vs. restricting calories and eating processed foods – but would love to know the science behind it!
    Thanks! xoxo

  24. says

    This may seem random, but I recently had an issue with it. I made 2 different baked goods with apples(Pumpkin Apple Bread and Pumpkin Apple PB dog treats) in them and they started to mold in no time. Is there something in the apples that made them mold faster or something else?

  25. says

    My food science question is: I hear so much about whole grain and whole wheat, multi grain, white bread that is apparently wheat. So…which kind of “bread” is the BEST for you and why?

    Awesome giveaway! I have been drooling over the Glo bars for awhile now :)

  26. Holly S. says

    Awesome giveaway! My question is about separating ethylene (spelling?) and non-ethylene foods–which are which, and why does one make the other spoil faster?

  27. says

    What a great giveaway, I have been dying to try those bars!
    I’m not sure if this is a food science question or not, but I have always been interested in how certain foods need to be cooked in order to release vital nutrients, while others need to be consumed raw to be most beneficial to ones health.

  28. Deb says

    I see so many bloggers eating the skin from fruits and veggies. Is there scientific way to determine if the outer skin is edible?

  29. Susan says

    I’ve been dying to try Glo Bars! question is the difference between different kinds of butter when it comes to baking. How does vegan butter, margarine, real butter change the consistency in baked goods we love. Thanks!

  30. says

    My question is: If the antibiotics that are given to animals can then be ingested by consumers, what about if you eat an organically raised chicken and it has a medical issue, is it safe for human consumption?
    I had a hard time wording this so I hope you can understand it! :)

  31. says

    Why does my husband find so many things to taste bitter when I do not?

    Thank you! I would really like to try Angela’s Glo bars.

    Btw, if anyone is interested, I’m giving away a free RoadID on my blog right now.

  32. maggie says

    GLO BARS!!! ohh how i want some!
    my food science question is…what are some emulsifiers for foods (for making oil and vinegar combine)???

  33. Elizabeth says

    Glo bars! My question relates to preventing mold on fruit. How can I make the berries I buy last longer, and why are they so prone to molding? Also, I’d appreciate an overview on how to properly wash these fruits. Sometimes I think running them under water isn’t enough.

  34. Jessica says

    I wouldn’t mind learning more about the senses and how food cravings can come from a single smell. Like walking into a bakery and seeing/smelling the freshly baked delicious bread causes your stomach to rumble. I’ve heard its more a mental thing (identifying the smells with good memories, etc) but I wonder what the actual science is behind it.

  35. kayzilla says

    Give away AND a question possibly answered? Sweet.

    How exactly is the calorie number/carb/fat/protein/yadda yadda ya in a food determined? How do you look at a food to get that number? It’s especially confusing to me when I think about unprocessed foods like fruits and veggies.

  36. says

    I’ve wondered about food combining, and how I’ve heard that your body can’t use certain minerals and vitamins when you eat foods on their own. How does that work?

    And I’m totally with you on the cranberry pumpkin spice… how could that combo not be amazing? :)

  37. Lauren Christine. says

    I’d like to learn more about what food combinations yield greater absorption of the vitamins and minerals contained in each food. Great idea on how to combine your degree with what personally interests you! I am an engineer, and while I like it, I worked hard for it, and I’m good at it, I’m just not sure that I fit in or if it is really “me”.

  38. Neena says

    My husband sweats every time we eat jalapenos or other hot pepper. If it’s hot enough I’ll sweat a little around the eyes but that’s it- his whole head gets sweaty! What causes that difference between us? Mmmm Glo Bars………..

  39. becky says

    i want to try these GLO bars more than anything!!! food science question: to what extent can dairy benefit bone strength- will bone deteriote if i cut out dairy but use supplements?

  40. says

    I love that you’re making this a brainy giveawway! Plus…I love all Glo-ing giveaways, so you can’t go wrong. :)

    Here’s my question. We all know that, in a typical meal, half the plate should be produce, one quarter should be lean protein, and the remaining quarter should be whole grains (right?). How does this break down throughout the day? For example, tons of food bloggers eat the bulk of their grains for breakfast (oats, oat bran, cereal, etc.). How does this affect later meal contents and/or digestion? Also, should you vary what kinds of food/ratios/amounts of food you consume as you vary your exercise (running vs. yoga vs. power walking vs. dance…all different!).


  41. says

    thanks so much for this giveaway!

    i’d like to know if there is any nutritional difference between the different types of whole wheat flours (i.e. regular whole wheat, whole wheat pastry, white whole wheat, etc.). is one more processed than the other, or are they simply suited to different purposes?

    reading through the questions, it looks like you’ll have some fascinating topics to cover! i’m really interested to read your posts that answer them.

  42. maren says

    would love to try these bars! they sound amazing!!!! both the present and empower flavors look delicious!
    i’m interested in learning more about the rules of food combining! and if you think they are really important? thanks!

  43. Leah says

    I would love to try the glo-bars! So my question is: what can I replace oil with when I bake, and how do I know how much to use if the recipe calls for 1/2 cup oil?

  44. Michelle says

    I haven’t been wanting to try Glo bars.

    My question is how much nutrional value is lost when a food is canned or frozen?

  45. says

    What a great opportunity to try those famous bars! I don’t eat meat or processed cheese, but I guess I’ve always been confused on how certain meats and cheeses can be unrefrigerated until opened, but then require refrigeration. It seems fishy to me that actual meat and dairy could be shelf-stable…which is probably why I avoid it :)

  46. says

    ahh enter me for glow barsssss :))

    my question is: why do carbonated drinks take longer to go flat if you put them in the refrigerator after you open them??

  47. Blair says

    Ooh I’d love to try some of Angela’s Glo-bars! They look yummy! My food question would be about the effects of microwaving plastic. I feel like I hear about the different risks associated with putting plastics in the microwave, but then different products keep coming out such as Ziploc steamer bags intended for that exact purpose. So I’d love to gain some insight on the subject.

  48. Kenny K says


    My question is in regards to microwaves and food. Is it really safe for us to be using microwaves to heat our food? I have just recently been wondering this – although I don’t know the science behind any of it!!

    Thanks for the chance to win Glo Bars!! You Rock! :)

  49. j.l. says

    what is the optimal time to eat a pre-run (long, like half marathon) so it sustains throughout the whole run but enough time to digest so as not to cause cramps and ruin the race?

  50. says

    Awesome idea for a giveaway! I saw someone ask earlier how to make cookies chewy instead of cakey. Well…my question is the opposite. ;) How can I made my cookies cakey instead of chewy? And how can I stop them from spreading so much while they bake?

    • says

      The spreading is probably from using baking soda. To make them “puffier” (and probably a little more cake-like too) try using baking powder instead. Also – I find that applesauce in brownies and cookies make them more cake-like.

  51. says

    I hope you don’t mind me answering a question up there! With all my cookie recipe testing lately, I’ve learned all those ins and outs. ;)

    My question is why does applesauce make the texture of baked goods more cake-like? I know it is a good oil substitute, but I hate using it in certain baked goods because it completely changes the texture in a not very good way.

    that said…pick me, pick me, pick me!! please random integer picker, please pick me!!! :D

  52. says

    I just love her bars, such a great snack on the go!
    My food question revolves around nutrient levels – Does roasting vegetables retain more of the nutrients as opposed to steaming?

  53. says

    How accurate are the nutrition labels on food packing and at restaurants? I’ve heard that the calorie labeling in restaurants can be off by hundreds of calories.

  54. Annie says

    Great giveaway! My question for you is what are your thoughts on all the Stevia contraversy? Safe, unsafe, in moderation? I’m hoping safe!

  55. Molly says


    I am new to the “healthy eating lifestyle” and my question is (well actually I have two):

    – Why is agave nectar better for you than sugar?
    – Is applesauce a ‘true’ substitute to oils and butters in recipes?

    Thanks so much I would love to try Glo Bars!

  56. Michelle says

    I have always put flax oil in my pre-workout protein shakes, and have recently heard that flax oil should not be shaken in a blender. Is this true, and if so, why should it not be shaken?

  57. Sonya says

    So here’s my food science question! I’m a huge fan of “Vegan Cupcakes take over the world” – it’s a great book. How in the world do the recipes make such moist cupcakes without any egg? Or flax? or apple sauce? It’s a big mystery to me, because the recipes are so simple.

  58. Ellie says

    So excited about the give-away! My question is: which oil is the best to cook with? I’ve heard that it is unsafe to cook with olive oil because it changes when heated, or something? But then I have heard that olive oil is very healthy, so I’m confused! Are canola, coconut, or some other oils a better choice?

  59. Laura E says

    Thanks so much for the opportunity! A question I have would be about these omelettes my dad recently showed me how to make. You combine all the ingredients in a big ziploc bag and then place it in a bot of boiling water until it is cooked and then you just dump it out on a plate and add cheese if you want! It’s super easy since you don’t have to worry about flipping it. Is it safe to put the bag in the boiling water? Does it contaminate your the omelette in any way?

  60. Kelsey says

    awesome giveaway!!!
    my question is why is it ok to to substitute pumpkin/banana/apple sauce/etc. for butter or oil when there is no fat in the additions? how can it still produce a properly baked item?

  61. Ellen says

    what’s the difference between baking soda and baking powder, and is it possible to use either in recipes?

    thanks for the giveaway!

  62. says

    My question is: I still drink coffee….everything else in my life is PURE, vegan. Is this okay? Am I doing something horrible to my body by continuing with my one cup a day addiction?

  63. Patricia says

    I haven’t read through all the comments to see if this has been asked…

    My husband is diabetic. I have tried to avoid baking with a lot of sugar. I find using a sugar substitute unsatisfactory for many baked things–any ideas?

    I’ve wanted to try a glo-bar!

  64. Lana says

    What does a complete protein mean. How does a complete protein break down in my body. Many of the foods I eat boost this label and i’m not sure what it mean.

  65. says

    I’ve been thinking about this question for a while… it was asked at the Summit, but we never really got an answer… Coconuts are full of saturated fat, which doesn’t usually qualify as a “healthy fat.” Where does that put coconut on the nutritional scale?

  66. Angie says

    I’d like to know more about soy- the positives and negatives. Is it true that it can cause problems in women? Is it better to drink Almond or Rice milk? And what are your thoughts on real (cow’s) milk?

    Would love to win the glow bars! :)

  67. says

    How come fast food can taste good, but be bad for you?

    I loved your ‘figuring out what you want to do with your life’ post! Great questions! Good luck with your adventures!


  68. says

    Great giveaway… a couple of questions:

    What is the best sugar replacement (not the fake stuff) when baking?
    What is the “truth” about soy … how do you personally feel about it?
    What do you think is the best tasting milk replacement? (almond, soy, etc?)

  69. says

    I’ve heard a lot of talk about the positive aspects of a Gluten-free diet and how it can benefit everyone – even people not allergic to gluten. How will cutting the gluten out of my diet affect my body? And why do some people think it needs to go – even if you’re not allergic?

  70. says

    why don’t sugar substitutes work as well as natural sugar when baking? are there any low-calorie options that do not sacrifice texture or that can withstand the high heat?

    and… I’d love some glo-bars – they look delish!

  71. Laura T. says

    ooo i want some glo-bars!!

    whats the difference between a “baking” apple and an “eating” apple? why are some apples better for baking than others?

  72. Jocelyn says

    Yumm, I would love to win some Glo bars! My food questions is what are antioxidants, what do they do, and why are they so good for you?

  73. Jaclyn says

    My question is, how do they make milk out of hemp and almonds and rice? Don’t those “milks” have lots of artificial ingredients? I’ve always wondered about this.

    Great giveaway! I love Glo Bars

  74. Jenn says

    Id like to know more about vitamins and how to maxmize the amount of vitamins you get from your food choices. I have heard that by taking all the pill vitamins i take daily all I get is expensive pee :(

  75. Michelle C. says

    Other than dairy, what is the best ways to get calcium through food? and how do scientist’s figure out what nutrients are in natural foods?

  76. says

    I like to know about how certain food and drinks are acidic in the body– I’ve heard that peanut butter and coffee are highly acidic, and since cutting out peanut butter, I’ve noticed that I’m now very sensitive to it when I have the occasional spoonful. (I refuse to give up coffee yet!)

    I would love to hear about other acidic foods, and if the benefits of them (such as antioxidants in coffee) outweigh the cons of the acidity.

    Thanks for the giveaway!! I’m dying to try a Glo Bar!!! :)

  77. says

    I would love to know more about trans fat, I’ve heard some conflicting information lately, mainly that they are naturally occurring in some meats, and would love to know more about this.

  78. says

    Is hydrogenated oil the same as partially hydrogenated oil? I know partially hydrogenated oil means trans fat, but what about just hydrogenated?

    Thanks :)

  79. Ashlee says

    What is a good buttermilk substitute? Also, I don’t ‘do’ artificial sweeteners, so what is a good substitute for regular white sugar?

  80. says

    Hello! Just read your post on Zesty, and it’s so interesting! I’m a fan of food science and cooking/baking, and Alton Brown!! I’ve always been amazed at the preciseness of baking and the ratios that must go into it. Could you go over something like that? especially waffles vs. pancakes. How do I turn a pancake recipe into a waffle recipe for example?
    Awesome giveaway, yummy!

  81. cathy says

    I want to try the chocolate peppymint one. Don’t remember the name! The present one sounds yummy too. Do artifical sweetners really deter weight loss?

  82. Kelley says

    What are the healthiest all-ready-prepared foods, for those of us adverse to cooking. ;) And why are they so healthy?

    Thanks babe!

  83. Carly says

    I want to learn more about agave, what is so special about it? I try to limit my sugar, and like using honey/maple syrup instead. I am interested in agave, but to me, it sounds like just a sweeter alternative to what I have just mentioned; and while I assume you could just use less of it, I don’t really like my food sweet.

  84. says

    I have been wondering what the best ways to get iron are for vegetarians and how best to maximize the absorption of iron you consume from plant sources.

  85. says

    I would love to hear some explanation on alergies- why do we grow out of them, why do they spring up out of no where, and so on.

    When I was in 1st grade I had chronic ear infections and they didnt know why- they decided to give me allergy tests (bunches of pricks in my back = not so much fun for a 6 year old) to see if it was something i was allergic too causing my infections- we found out via the tests that i am/was allergic to salmon.

    i have avoided it ever since- so i have NEVER had it. I know its probably not that big of deal, but LOTS of sushi has salmon in it and i LOVE sushi.

    lots of people have told me that we often “grow out of allergies” and some have even suggested i just “try eating some salmon”. UM!?!? thats scary!?!?!

    but the truth is- i could NOT be allergic anymore and just NOT know it. You know? and so- i am intregied by this allergy changing thing.

    : ) (p.s. – i never told you that i love the self hosted blog :) you will def. be hearing from me come january when im about to make the switch :) )

  86. Marie says

    Yogourt seems to cause me tummy problems. But I LOVE yogourt. What could be the cause? And is Soy yogourt a good replacement?

  87. courtney says

    This is a fun idea! I would like to know more about the science behind why some foods taste delicious to some people and absolutely horrible to others. Is it a chemical reaction?

  88. Diane says

    Why can you easily substitute applesauce for oil/butter in breads and cakes but it doesn’t have the same effect when you substitute it in cookies?

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