Granola Everywhere!

There is a lot of granola going on in the Savvy Household right now!

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to interview Samantha at Emmy’s Organics. I’ve seen their products everywhere around here, and when I realized they were located a mere 5 blocks from my apartment, I requested an interview. Samantha graciously accepted and invited me to the Emmy’s kitchen.

About 1 1/2 years ago, Ian and Samantha started dehydrating macaroons part-time in Ian’s mother’s kitchen. They shared a love of raw food, and Ian had experience as a raw vegan chef. Since then, their business has skyrocketed, and they have outgrown their first two kitchens. In a tribute to their original location, the business is named after Ian’s mom, Emmy.


Now, Emmy’s makes granola, chocolate sauce, and cashew butter in addition to the original macaroons. All of them are free of dairy, wheat, gluten, corn, processed sugars and GMOs. I’ve had the opportunity to try several flavors of their macaroons at the Farmer’s Market, and love them! At my interview, Samantha also gifted me with a bag of their granola to try and review.


First of all, I love that they use eco-friendly packaging for all of their products. The bags are compostable, and the labels are recycled.

I’m also a fan of their super short ingredient list:

Organic raw buckwheat, organic raw dates, organic raw almonds, organic raw agave, organic raw flax seeds, organic cinnamon, organic raw vanilla bean, himalayan crystal salt

As for the taste? I enjoyed the big crispy clusters and all the nuts in the granola. I’m not generally a fan of dates, though, and they were pretty prominent. So while this wasn’t my favorite granola in, I think anybody who likes dates would love it, and would whole-heartedly recommend it to them!


And then, Annelies from Attune offered to send me some Munch Granola.


According to the Attune website, the benefits of Munch are

  • 1 billion CFUs of probiotics per serving
  • Features one of the most clinically tested probiotic strains: Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  • Good source of fiber
  • Prebiotics added to help stimulate growth of good bacteria in the digestive system
  • All natural

I could smell the apple cinnamon goodness as soon as I opened the bag. I could taste it, too. And the yogurt chips added a special burst of sweetness. The texture was pretty spot-on, too.

While the granola tasted great, the ingredient list was a little longer than I’d like. And at $6 a bag, I think this will be more of a special treat than a regular part of my breakfast. But I’ll certainly be savoring this bag until it is gone.



  1. says

    Love granola and I have to say I enjoy Munch Granola the best! I had it for the first time this summer and was surprised by how fresh it was. Definitely granola is part of my training formula for success.

  2. says

    This post cost me 15 dollars. Everything on their website looked so good that I ended up buying a jar of macadamia-cashew butter! LOL.

    • Julie @savvyeats says

      Sorry about that… 😉

      Based on my experience with their other products, the nut butter will be excellent!