Holiday Gifts: Tea

I adore tea. That is no secret.

A lot of my friends and family members love tea, too, though maybe not to the crazy extent that I do. So what better handmade holiday gift for them than a sample of my favorite teas?

Tea Gifts

I’m choosing to “wrap” each sample in a small canning jar. These are wide-mouth half-pint jars, but any size will work. It all depends on how much tea you want to gift!

While canning jars are attractive in their own right, I decided to give them a fancier look with fabric, ribbon, and stamped tags.

Making tea gifts like this yourself is simple and doesn’t have to cost much at all!

Tea Gifts

First and foremost, find your topping material. I picked up some discount fabric remnants at craft and quilting stores, which resulted in a collection of beautiful fabrics on a killer budget. Cut out a square of fabric that is slightly larger than the lid itself, and place over the flat piece of the lid. The screw-top ring of the lid will hold it down.

Next, make yourself some tags or labels. I picked up these cute tea-themed stamps, but colored or decorative paper alone could make a great tag.

Tea Gifts

Make sure to indicate the brewing instructions on the tag. There is nothing worse than a bitter over-steeped mug of tea!

Tea Gifts

Ribbon wrapped around the lid adds a nice decorative touch, and a great way to attach your tags. You can find ribbon for as little as $1 a roll at your favorite crafting store.

Tea Gifts

Alternatively, you can tuck the tag under the rim of the lid. Once the ring is screwed on, that tag won’t budge!

Give one or several of these to your favorite tea-lover this holiday season, perhaps packaged with a cute mug or sweet treats. Just don’t forget to leave some tea for yourself. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This post was inspired by Heather’s Handmade Christmas…. check out her blog for more gift ideas and inspiration!


  1. says

    Such a cute gift idea. And I learned from you the importance of brewing instructions! I think tend to over-steep my tea when I get busy with something else. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Julie @savvyeats says

      Yes! Most of my jars have loose leaf tea in them, but some will get bagged holiday teas like Candy Cane Lane!