How to Store Scones

How to Store Scones | Savvy Eats

When I made my savory scones earlier this month, I knew we wouldn’t be able to eat the entire batch before the last few scones went stale.  I had so many other recipes to test, and we had several dinners out planned.

Plus, scones become so much less appetizing to me once they are more than a day or two old. They tend to turn soft, losing their characteristic buttery flakiness. Which means I basically refuse to eat them after 48 hours.

So I needed to find some storage solutions. First, I wanted to figure out how to freeze the scones so that I could just bake up a few here or there, when we want some scones with a particular meal.

Secondly, I wanted to figure out how to make the scones stay fresh for more than just a day.

The first one was easy: I froze the unbaked scones on a baking sheet. Once they were frozen solid, I transferred them to airtight freezer containers, where I knew they would stay good for a few months. When we want a few scones, I just bake them as the recipe calls for, but with an additional 2-4 minutes added onto the time.

The second took a bit more experimentation. I pulled six scones from my latest batch, after they were cooked and completely cooled. I put two of them in a plastic bag, squeezing out the air as I sealed the bag shut.  I put two more in a plastic container, and the final two in a plastic container lined with a folded paper towel.  Three days later, I toasted one scone from each batch for a taste test.

The scone from the airless, sealed plastic bag was mushy and stale, just like the scones I hate. So that storage option was out.

The scone from the plastic container (with no paper towel) was slightly more flaky and crisp, but it was still clearly a few days old.

The winner by far was the scone from the container that had been lined with a paper towel.  Sure, it was a little soft, but for the most part, it replicated the texture of freshly baked scones.

So, if you are looking to make your scones last more than a day or two…

1. If you plan to eat them a week or more later: Freeze unbaked scones on a baking sheet.  Once they are frozen, move the scones to freezer containers or bags. When you are ready to eat the scones, bake them as directed in the original recipe, with 2-4 minutes tacked on to the end.

2. If you plan to eat them within a few days: Fold a paper towel so that it fits the bottom of a plastic container. Place the scones on top, then add the lid. When you are ready to eat, toast the scones for a few minutes, or heat it in a 400F oven for just a few minutes, until warmed through.

So there you have it! The best way to store scones.

Looking for some scone recipes to get your started? Here are some of my favorites.

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