Index Card Book

Index Card Booklet 1

As a kid, I loved back-to-school shopping.  Not for my “first day of school” or “picture day” outfits, but for school supplies.  I still love office supplies, and often have to talk myself out of purchasing adorable-but-completely-unnecessary striped paper clips or sweetly-colored page tags.

There is always at least one pen of my favorite brand in my purse (Pentel RSVP Fine Point, for the record). Sometimes there are 2, 3 or 4, either because I want a few color options or because I can’t remember if I left yesterday’s pen in my purse. I always have at least one notebook with me in case the inspiration to write strikes or I need to take a note. And I always, always have index cards available.

They are just the perfect little size for everything, and they are cheap. I use them for grocery lists. I use them to jot down recipes (who cares if they get sauce spilled on them once in the kitchen?). I write down driving directions. I use them to list out post ideas.  I keep track of books I want to read, cookbooks I want to get. I use them for a daily to-do list and to keep track of questions I need to ask, people I need to email.

I hit a point two weeks ago where I had so many index cards filled with notes and lists and projects that I couldn’t keep track of them.  So I corralled them into my own custom little book.

Index Card Booklet 2

I simply punched a hole in the top left corner of my index cards and put them on a book ring (like the kind you have in a three-ring binder — I bought a pack of 12 for about $2 at Staples).  I cut some pieces of scrapbooking paper to be slightly larger than the cards, with a tab notched out for a label, to divide the cards by category.  However, you don’t have to cutout a tab.  I didn’t for my “blank cards” divider:

Index Card Booklet 3

Now I can flip through and easily find the card I’m looking for, since I organized by categories: POST IDEAS (which also contains ideas for my blog design in general), PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS, MISCELLANEOUS, and BLANK CARDS.

Materials Used:

Hole punch
Decorative paper
1 Book ring (I purchased a packet of a dozen for about $2 at Staples)
Index Cards





  1. says

    I love school supplies, so much that I actually have to refrain from buying them in the fall. I am a big list maker but have tried to actually utilize my iPhone for ideas.

  2. says

    dear best friend –

    how did i not know this: “(Pentel RSVP Fine Point, for the record)”

    ummm- that was my favorite pen for SIX YEARS.
    it’s still on my top five list.
    and if we’re being honest, my two three list.
    and it’s my number one favorite if we’re talking non-gel pens.

    THIS. THIS RIGHT HERE. THIS is why we are best friends.
    [among several other things]

    • says

      also – i really like the red ones best.
      also – you can blame danielle for all this.
      she is the one that got me started on rsvps.
      [and also, as recently discussed off-blog, the index card love we, too, share!]

  3. Rachel Johnson says

    i’m so glad to hear i’m not the only person who loves office supplies… I could wander around office stores for hours looking at pens, paper, filing supplies, paperclips…. the list could go on… 🙂