Jaipur: A Two-Player Game

Jaipur: A Two-Player Game // Savvy Game Night

Clearly, Dan and I go through phases with our two-player games. Last fall, we couldn’t get enough of Lost Cities. This spring, our go-to two-player game was Morels. And this summer, we’re all about the newest addition to our collection: Jaipur.

Jaipur Set-Up // Savvy Game Nigth

The game is simple enough: on your turn, you can either collect more goods or sell some of the goods from your collection. The person with the most money at the end is the winner. Typically, the game is played in three rounds. If we’re really short on time or energy, we might just play one round. If we have a half hour or so, we’ll do all three. There’s enough going on in the game that it doesn’t feel repetitive, even if we play it multiple times per week, but it is also simple enough for nights when we don’t want to exert a bunch of brainpower to strategize our gameplay.

If you’re looking for a great two-player game that doesn’t require much strategy, I recommend Jaipur.

Jaipur Tokens // Savvy Game Night


Each player is a merchant looking to earn two Seals of Excellence before their competitor. There are five cards available in the playing area at all times. On your turn, you may:

1. Take one good from the play area, which is replaced from the Draw pile.

2. Take multiple goods from the play area, and replace them with your own goods or camels.

3. Take all the camels in the play area (so you have free cards available to replace goods when you later opt for #2).

4. Sell one type of good for monetary tokens. Some goods (like rubies) are worth more than others, and there are bonuses for selling 3, 4 or 5 of any type of good at a time.

The round is over when 3 types of goods have no more tokens or the Draw pile is out. Whoever has the most points on their tokens wins the round, and earns a Seal of Excellence. Typically, the game ends up being 2-3 rounds.

Number of Players:

Two only.

Set Up Time:

5-10 minutes.

Play Time for New Players:

10-15 minutes per round. 40-45 minutes total if you play all three.

Play Time for Experienced Players:

10-15 minutes per round. 40-45 minutes total if you play all three.

Age Range:


Overall Rating for Jaipur: 9 out of 10 stars.

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