Let’s Celebrate! {Giveaway}

*This giveaway is now closed.Β  Please click here to see if you’re the winner!*

Thank you to everyone who voted for me in Food52’s cardamom recipe contest. I WON!


The win means so much to me, and I’ve been bouncing-off-the-walls excited since I found out. And how awesome that I was profiled on Food52’s blog today, right?

Celebrate with me, won’t you?

I’m hosting a giveaway for one of YOU, and what could be a more appropriate prize than my winning clementine pound cake?


To enter, simply leave a comment below telling me what dessert recipe you’d like to see on Savvy Eats in the coming weeks. On Friday afternoon, I will randomly select a winner to receive a clementine pound cake!

*This giveaway is now closed.Β  Please click here to see if you’re the winner!*


  1. says

    Congrats Julie! What an amazing honor, and well deserved!

    I would suggest another dessert incorporating clementines, but I’m afraid the season may be over! In that case, maybe some variation of a cinnamon roll or sweet bun? Breakfast, dessert, whatever!

    • Julie @savvyeats says

      We have a few clementines left, so I managed to spare a few for a new recipe– going up tomorrow!

  2. says

    Congratulations Julie!!

    I love pound cake, When I worked at Mrs. London’s in Saratoga the Vanilla Bean pound cake was my favorite! Chocolate always has a special piece in my heart as well…

  3. says

    Congrats!!! I voted and am SO happy to see that you won πŸ™‚

    I’d love to see one more recipe using clementines before they’re officially out of season!

  4. says

    I’d like to see a recipe for some kind of fruit/jam filled cookie or pastry. My boyfriend recently decided he loves that kind. I made him hamantaschen last week but want more ideas! πŸ˜€

  5. Marisa says

    yay! Congrats Julie, I am really proud of you! I want to be entered into the drawing but I don’t have any suggestions for dessert ideas (anything with chocolate!)

  6. says

    i would like something with the name “Shugar” involved. Shugar Cakes. Shugar scones. Shugar cookies. Shugar wine…oh, wait….

  7. Alison says

    Congratulations! Delicious pound cake and glad to find your site through food52. Would love a dessert with lemon as I am a huge citrus fan.

  8. says

    This is so cool – now you’re going to be in the cookbook, right?

    My vote for a dessert for you to make and post about, is King Cake, but with a twist of some sort. Maybe a non-traditional spice. Or, uh, chocolate :). Mardi Gras isn’t getting any farther away!

  9. Meghan says

    A hearty congratulations; how exciting! Everyone’s suggestions sound great. I don’t think I see cheesecake mentioned yet — I’d enjoy any of your creative and healthy ideas for that dessert.

  10. Ibu says

    Congrats Julie!
    I would love anything you bake! Do you know how bad I’ve always wanted to win any of your scones? Serioulsy I hope one of your baked good someday and congrats again.

  11. says

    Woohoo, yay for Julie! That’s exciting. Hmm… since the weather is ‘warm’ today and the birds are chirping, how about something spring-like?

  12. Kelley says

    Congrats Jules!!

    Hmmm, something simple…. Thought it would have to be really simple because if you will recall my blunder during our cooking lesson you gave us I make really stupid mistakes (like not adding in the wet ingredients for those peanut butter chocolate ball thingys, which were awesome!!!)

  13. Cari says

    In desserts, would love to see a recipe for something that’s not too sweet– like a chocolate-chipotle something or something with super dark chocolate and espresso :). Or maybe something Kahlua or amaretto inspired πŸ™‚ I’m a little indecisive– I just love desserts!