Little Pieces of Progress

Let’s pretend that most of our rooms don’t currently look something like this:


And instead focus on the little areas that have been cleaned, organized and transformed. Like the shelves in the kitchen. Bulk bins on the bottom, display pieces (more to come) on the top.


More bulk bins were meant to go on the top shelf, but alas, I’m too short to reach them…

Appliances have been tucked into the recessed shelves next to the sink. They are easy to access but out of sight:

House-Progress-2.jpg House-Progress-3.jpg

Built-in cabinets in the dining room have been filled with dishes and baking supplies:


Huh. Interesting that most of what has been unpacked is food-related… I really want to get back to cooking, clearly!


PS: Max hasn’t gotten used to the fact that our windows are no longer a mere 4 inches off the ground. However, he can still see out the upstairs windows, which makes him happy!


  1. says

    My office looks a bit like that at the moment so I can relate to it. Emptied out all my files because new – and vastly bigger, better and superior in all ways – filing cabinet had arrived. Then discovered it had been squashed so that the drawers wouldn’t run. Am waiting for replacement and have files everywhere!

    Max looks very cute!

  2. says

    your kitchen looks amazing!! 🙂 i LOVE the shelf of bulk items! i can’t wait to see more of the transformation.

    max looks extra tiny & cute peeking out that window.