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Fluxx games are the games that are super-difficult to review. Not because they are complicated or challenging to play, but because the game is never the same twice. At the very beginning, the rule is simple: “Draw 1 card. Play 1 card. Play passes to the next person.” But from there, the rules – and the goal of the game! – are constantly changing.

Oz Fluxx Cards on Savvy Game Night

So it is difficult to explain any version of Fluxx without diving into the mechanism.  We own Oz Fluxx, the (you guessed it) Wizard of Oz-themed version. There are six types of cards:

1. Yellow “New Rule” cards, which change the way the game is played. These might be as simple as changing the number of cards you draw or play on each turn, or they might be a little sillier. The “Magic Slippers” card, for instance, says that if you click your heels together 3 times, you can draw and play an extra card on your turn.

2. Pink “Goal” cards, which change the aim of the game. Examples might be “The Smartest Dummy Ever,” which says that whoever has both the Artificial Brain and the Scarecrow cards wins, or “I’m Melting!,” which lets you win if you have the Wicked Witch of the West and the Water cards.

3. Green “Keeper” cards, which help you meet the goals. These are the Artificial Brain, Scarecrow, Wizard of Oz, Toto, Yellow Brick Road, etc. cards as well.

4. Blue “Action” cards, which you use once and discard. These might let you exchange Keeper cards with another player or steal something from another player, for instance.

5. Black “Creeper” cards, which keep your opponent’s from winning.

6. Purple “Surprise” cards that can be played at any time to disrupt your opponent’s play.

Because there are no set rules, this game is super easy to learn and pick up. It is great for groups with mixed experience levels!


The game of ever-changing rules, no 2 games of Oz Fluxx are the same.  See above for more!

Number of Players:

2-6. We generally prefer it with 4+.

Set-Up Time:

None. Just shuffle and deal 3 cards to each player.

Play Time for New Players:

20 minutes to an hour

Play Time for Experienced Players:

20 minutes to an hour

Age Range:


Overall Rating for Oz Fluxx: 6 out of 10.

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  1. says

    Yay Fluxx! We own Martian Fluxx and Monty Python Fluxx and they are both so fun. Brian and I play a lot of games with just the 2 of us…what do you like about playing Fluxx with 4+?

    • Julie says

      Fluxx is great with a few more players because there’s a lot more interaction between players – you have more people to swap cards with and compete with for goals. Sometimes with 2 people, it seems like things are just constantly moving back and forth between the two players kind of repetitively, but with more people, there’s more interplay. Does that make sense?