Pepper Jelly Bites

This pepper jelly recipe is a quick and simple appetizer that you can put together in 15 seconds or less. Enjoy the flavor balance between spicy pepper jelly and smooth cream cheese!

Pepper jelly bites are a simple and quick appetizer - perfect for dinner and cocktail parties! // savvyeat.comI have to confess something: I feel a little ridiculous even posting this pepper jelly recipe. I mean, there’s a grand total of three ingredients and you could assemble each appetizer in about 15 seconds.

I debated long and hard as to whether or not this was worth posting and every time, it came down to two things:

1. The flavor combo is too good to miss and

2. Who doesn’t need a super simple appetizer?


So much time gets poured into the entree, side dishes and desserts at most dinner parties or holiday gatherings already. Do you really want to spend another hour prepping an appetizer that will be devoured in three bites or less? Yeah, probably not. Make something simple like these pepper jelly bites instead, and you’ll be able to actually relax and enjoy the night with your guests.

Just spread some softened cream cheese on a cracker and cover with a thin layer of pepper jelly. The cream cheese absorbs some of the spice from the jelly, leaving just a subtle heat behind. That’s it, you’re done! I prefer this on thin, crisp crackers.

We also love pairing the pepper jelly with a sharp cheddar. In that case, choose a sturdier, more buttery cracker. It will hold up to the stronger cheese a little better! I think this would definitely be worth trying with creamy goat cheese instead of cream cheese, too.

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PS: Here’s how to make your own pepper jelly. Use some for easy appetizers, and save the rest for holiday gifts!



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    We ALL need easy appetizer recipes as we move into the holiday season! Yours is just wonderful…flavorful and yummy!

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    Wonderful idea for an appetizer. My friend just gave me a bottle of home made pepper jelly and this is what it will be used in.

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    So funny that we both thought of pepper jelly for our appetizers! I’ve always enjoyed the pepper jelly and cream cheese combination especially with a cocktail. Wonderful, quick appetizers.