Planning for The Garden


With all this warm weather, I’m itching to get my garden planted.  I want to be picking lettuce and arugula and herbs for my salads.  I want to be coaxing tomato vines onto the netted trellis set around the raised beds.

But I can’t just yet.  It may feel warm and springlike outside, but I know we’re bound to get some snow storm that wipes everything out.  So instead, I’m ordering my seeds and planning the garden layout.

All my seeds arrived last week (except the sungold tomatoes, which weren’t available from Seed Savers Exchange).  I can’t wait!

What are you growing this year?


  1. says

    I guess I’m going to have to give up on winter. Sigh. I haven’t really thought about the garden yet but I can say that I’ve given up on container gardening. I’ve tried for the past 2 years with virtually no yield so all herbs and flowers for me this year. My herbs always thrive so I’ll stick with what works. I’ll have to envy yours from afar!

    • Julie says

      I tried some container gardening last summer in addition to the raised bes, but didn’t have a ton of luck. I think I’m going to give it another shot, though!

  2. Bayard Coulombe says

    The winter at this place of the earth is coming to an end. So, I have got many vegetables on my list. I have planned to grow roots. With potato and ginger stems, I am going to have onion too. I also plan to have some more greenery with coriander shrubs.

  3. says

    I’m so jealous of your garden. I wish I could convince my husband to help me create some space in our perfectly sunny backyard to plant some things. We have so many deer around though so it’s a project I’d need some help on with the raised beds and fencing. He has no interest though whatsoever. So frustrating!

    • Julie says

      You can do it! I dug up our front yard to create beds last spring… it definitely counts as a heavy workout. 😉 I’ve seen people put wire “cages” over each of their beds to keep the deer out… you could look into that!

  4. says

    this makes me so happy 🙂 we’ve been talking about what to plant this year, too, but haven’t ordered any seeds yet. i have a feeling winter will hit us again before it’s time to get going.

    • Julie says

      You have a lot of space, right? so you can do nearly anything! I tried to stick with things that were “pick and come again” to get the most “bang for my buck.”

  5. says

    I am ready for spring, even though we have barely had winter at all. I really hope to be able to have a garden this year but it really depends on finding a house!

  6. says

    so exciting, julie! i can’t wait to get my garden started again this year. 🙂 i am probably just going to do a little porch garden again (NEXT summer we’ll have a house and i can have a real garden – i cannot wait!). i’ll do peppers, tomatoes, and herbs in planters. and you know, hit up the dcfm for the rest of my produce!

  7. says

    We’re in planning stages now, too, and started seeds in our AeroGarden (love it). We have a lot in common with food, gardening, canning, etc! 🙂