Polished Organics Vanilla Salt Scrub

Project Natural Glow

I’m back with another review for Project Natural Glow!  In case you don’t remember, check out these posts:

What is Project Natural Glow?

First Project Natural Glow product review

IMG_3788First, let’s look at the ingredient list:

IMG_3789Short and sweet.  A mere six ingredients.  And according to Skin Deep, it poses a very low health risk!

What did I think of it?

I have been using this scrub for just under a week.  Here’s why I’m loving it:

  1. It smells like freshly-baked cookies.  This is always a good thing.
  2. My skin feels super silky and smooth. My skin never feels this soft, especially in the winter, when it tends to get dry and cracked.  The moisturizing power of the scrub doesn’t wear off, either.  I put on lotion after my shower this morning, and my skin still feels great!
  3. It both exfoliates and moisturizes.
  4. It doesn’t mess with my super-sensitive skin.

All in all, I give Polished Organics, Organic Vanilla Salt Scrub an A+. Love it!

Edited to note:  Oops!  I should have mentioned where I got this amazing scrub… I found it at Whole Foods!

This Week

I am doing some serious prioritizing this week.  Somehow, this is the week when I have 6 homework assignments instead of the usual 2, plus two group projects to contribute to.  Unfortunately, this is also the week we are going to Ithaca for apartment hunting.

So today and tomorrow, I am playing “how much can Julie get done before we leave for New York?”  Wish me luck!

Know what part I am excited for, though?  In the past, when my schoolwork has piled up, I’ve stopped working out.  It always seems too stressful to me to take the time to workout (rather than clearing my head, I just keep thinking about what I have to get done), shower and eat before getting back to work.

But this time? I’m making sure I get some yoga and weights training in whenever I need homework breaks.  It is making such a difference!

And hopefully, I’ll get to the point where going for a run is a major stress-reliever, rather than it being something I only enjoy when I’m not slammed with work.  I’m getting there!


  1. says

    Good for you for keeping up with your workouts even when work piles up! I know when I have a deadline at work, I stay up late (usually accomplishing very little, and eating very much) and get up early (accomplish a lot, but wind up crashing by early afternoon), and miss my workout for the day. Do you have any tips for fitting in workouts on a day when time is tight and stress is high?

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