Putting the Savvy Garden to Bed

Garden2012 October

The backyard looks so empty now.  After the first overnight freeze last weekend, the basil, tomatoes and beans were shriveled and black.  Yesterday, we pulled up the plants and tossed them in the compost (the exception being the bean plants that we think were diseased…those went into yard waste bags to be hauled away).  The trellises are down and stored safely in the garage, as are most of the ceramic pots.  The empty beds are tucked under layers of straw and leaves, which will decompose and add some nutrients back to the soil.  All that is left in the backyard are some herbs and arugula.  That giant green plant you see overflowing its container on the right in the above photo is parsley…I guess it is time for some parsley and tomato pasta or quinoa and lentil ‘risotto’!


The boxes in the front yard are also buried under layers of hay, but for an entirely different reason: to protect the garlic plants!  I planted  two heads each of Organic Chesnok Red and Organic German Red, which should give us 25-30 bulbs of garlic next June.

How is your garden looking? All tucked into bed for the winter?

Psst! In most parts of the country, it isn’t too late to plant some garlic yourself.  Check your garden store or even the Farmers’ Market for seed garlic, and use the Seed Savers Exchange guide to planting.