Reading List


Photo: The cookbooks I acquired at the Friends of the Library book sale last weekend.  $4.50 each!

There have been some great posts catching my eye in the blogosphere as of late. Time to share the link love!

1.  The science behind our favorite food combinations… though I’ve never heard of the pickle juice and whiskey one!

2. I’m so impressed with this harvest haul!

3.  I’m loving all of Dara’s recipes lately, especially these muffins.  And these pancakes.

4. Ithaca in the news! The impulsive traveler: shopping with the local currency in Ithaca.

5. Quinoa + turkey/chicken + slow-cooker.  What’s not to love?

6. I’d never thought of putting brussels sprouts on pizza.  Great idea!

7. Let’s have a pancake party! Or a grilled cheese party!  I can’t decide!

8. Or even a pizza party, complete with dessert pizzas.

9. Given my recent homemade pasta obsession, I HAVE to make this chocolate ravioli.

10. Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity secret: don’t break the chain!

11. This piece on “The F-Word” by Jennifer Weiner is perfect.

12. My first Savvy Blog Talk post is up on Healthy Living Blogs today!


What are you reading this week? Share the links below!