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His and hers: Chobani was kind enough to send me some of their newest flavors to sample, 2% banana, 0% pear, and two of their new Chobani Bites flavors.  Each has 100 calories and is a great mid-afternoon snack.  On Sunday, Dan enjoyed the banana yogurt, while I had the fig with orange zest…my new favorite!

Time to share the link love!


This is apparently the only granola recipe I’ll ever need!

I need some lasagna mac & cheese in my life. 

I have about 9,000 marmalade recipes I want to try, but worry about how we’d eat them all.  The Kitchn has 7 great savory ways to use your marmalade— that should help!

This toasted coconut butter could be dangerous.

I love the color of these blood orange bars!

I’m often stuck on lunch ideas.  The solution?  Things on toast!



It is about time! A sturdier (and magnetic) new board for Settlers of Catan. 


If you are a Les Misérables fan, the comments on this post are pure gold. 



Everyone and their dog has a post on “how to blog” or “how to start a blog” or “how to be a better blogger.”  This post about the rules of blogging from Dinner: A Love Story is definitely one of the best I’ve read.

Now that I’m doing Project Life, I’ll definitely need these tips for taking better self-portraits from Elise.

Good to know: When traveling, oatmeal at McDonald’s is not the healthy choice.  You’re better off with a burger.

Here’s something to think about: the ethical implications of parents writing about their kids.

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Heather linked to my Blog Designs pinboard on Healthy Living Blogs.

The Coupon Project linked over to my tutorial on cooking and freezing dried beans

Emily gave my DIY popcorn seasonings a nice shoutout.  

I published a new Savvy Blog Talk post on Healthy Living Blogs, sharing my favorite programs for photo editing.

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    Good list. A magnetic board for Settlers of Catan is a great idea! The ‘Adam Lanza’s mother’ post was ethically questionable– it’s a difficult fact of motherhood that if you are also a writer, a lot of your natural material is stuff you can’t use. And finally, that toasted coconut butter does look very tempting, I will have to give it a try in the Vitamix.