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Photo: I am obsessed with this Letterbox Chai tea that Kelly gave me.  It is one of the most balanced and delicious chai teas I’ve ever had.  I wish I could order it online!

Time to share the link love!


The science of junk food.  This reinforces a lot of my decision to pursue writing instead of food engineering.

Baked eggs with brussels sprouts and mushrooms.

The key to great vegetarian meals: layering!

Love the carrot mash on top of this shepherd’s pie.

Thai beef salad!



Six board games that ruined it for everyone…and the games to replace them.



Remember this the next time you have guests: what not to do when serving cheese.

Love these decorating ideas for our next game party. 



What would your 18-year-old self say to your current self?

The role of cookbooks.

What feeds you?

 “We are more complex than what single moments and actions make us out to be in that instant.” — Happy Jack Eats


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Check out my S’Mores Bites on Bran Appetit.

I have a new freelance job reviewing Finger Lakes wineries.  My Six Mile Creek review is up!

Cookie Monster Cooking adapted my Mexican Hot Chocolate Roasted Pecans.


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    Oh my goodness, you’re too nice. Thanks for the share!!

    Hm, I can’t really relate to that cheese serving issue…I have much more of the reverse problem, where my slices of cheese look more like blocks of cheese.

    Wow, how did you get hooked up with a writing gig that requires you to drink WINE? That’s incredibly awesome, go you! Also, teach me! 🙂