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Photo: If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may have noticed that we spent last week in Wisconsin.  We spent Thursday In Madison, and it felt like we were coming home. 


8 Ways to Make Herbs the Star

Great tips for make-ahead mason jar salads.

I’m intrigued by this cookie technique. 



“I subscribe to the idea that working really hard and loving people better every day will get me where I want to be each day, week, month and year.” — Joy the Baker 

“[I]f you ask me, the days are all important ones. The times are all gifts.” — Food Loves Writing

“I thought about aiming for the middle. That comfortable place when momentum is behind you and you’re not thinking yet about the sprint to the finish. It’s when we fall into stride. Infuriatingly, despite anxiety of beginning, the only way to get there is by putting your head down, setting your shoulders, and simply do the work.” – Seven Spoons

A powerful post on depression from The Bloggess.



I always love Molly Wizenberg’s writing.

I never miss a post on Food Loves Writing. I’m really enjoying the Writer Chats posts!

There is some beautiful writing and poetry going on over at Eat This Poem.



I’ve got a new series on Healthy Living Blogs: A Savvy HLB Week! Each month, I’ll be creating a Savvy Weekly Menu based on one of HLB’s Recipe Wednesday link-ups…starting with one based on caramelized onions!

I’ve also written another Savvy Blog Talk post on one of my favorite web & smart phone applications: Get Pocket.

It’s been busy over on Examiner lately.  Some highlights: 

New winery review: Lucas Vineyards.

Check out my interview on healthy living with Cascade Ice.  

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