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Photo: Recently on Instagram. Clockwise from top left: Feeling fancy. I can’t roll sushi to save my life. Gardening tools. We’re Trek fans. Much-needed creative planning day. Elote (Mexican street corn!). Post-long ride. Blueberry picking.  This was my July.

Food for Thought:

Five reasons why your productivity ≠ self-worth.

“Most importantly, the kitchen is an ideal place for us to meet ourselves.” – The Kitchn

“Writing a book is like being on the moon.” – Sweet Amandine

Loving this list of 32 things learned in 22 years from Candied Life.

“Maybe it’s those intangibles that make this story worth telling.” – The Yellow House

“At their core, cooking and writing both begin with ingredients.”  – Eat This Poem

Enjoying the Summer Harvest:

This might be the simplest way to make a pie, ever: Blueberry slab pie.

Baked berry breakfast pastries…look delicious!

Whole grain, streusel-topped blueberry buckle!

Ashley is amazing: waffles-turned-French-toast!

Golden plum and sage cocktail. Yes, please.

Preserving the Summer Harvest: 

So, these pirate peaches totally need to happen this summer.

This method of organizing your deep freezer is smart.  It is what we started doing last fall, and it makes a huge difference!

This isn’t really preserving-related, but it does turn your canning jars into mini-bento boxes.  Brilliant!

Just for Fun:

Every moment in this Pentatonix video is more amazing than the last. Pentatonix does Wizard of Oz! 

Ten great moments from old-school Whose Line Is It Anyways? 

Pretty much all of these apply to me: 27 signs you’re an obsessive list maker.

Find Me:

Have you gotten your tickets for Healthy Living Summit yet?  It is going to be a ton of fun!

My tilapia tacos with lime mayonnaise were featured on The Noble Pig. 

My slow-cooked ham in cider gravy is on Homemaking Hacks. 

I’ve got next week’s menu all figured out for you, with chipotle chicken stuffed sweet potatoes, copycat Chipotle barbacoa, zucchini and corn paninis, and more.  Check it out on!

Also on HLB: a new Savvy Blog Talk.  This month: categories v. tags!

A new winery review has been posted: Thirsty Owl Wine Company.

Recently on Examiner:

Psst. There is a giveaway for four full-size bags of Food Should Taste Good chips going on over at the Savvy Eats Facebook page.  Enter here!


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    What a fun reading list 😉 That blueberry slab pie looks amazing!

    It was great to feature your slow cooker recipe, that is definitely on my to-do list to make!

    Have a great week!

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    Thank you so much for featuring my blog post, 32 things learned in 22 years. I really appreciate it!

    All the best,