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Feeling Sweet

Coconut milk ice cream with a pistachio crumb.

Neapolitan Rice Krispie treats.

HOMEMADE cereal. 

Roasted pineapple with honey and pistachios.

Strawberry coffeecake. 


Feeling Savory

Roasted brussel sprout quinoa bites stuffed with gruyere.  

Southwest loaded sweet potato fries.

Savory corn cakes.

Quinoa & cauliflower chowder.

Baked Irish cheese toasties.


Let’s Pop!

I want to throw a popcorn party!

Cheesy chick-flick popcorn (!!!!).

Buffalo Parmesan popcorn (throw-back link!).


Count to Ten

10 tips to be productive when working from home.

10 simple eco-friendly tips to green your home.

I want to read in all of these! 10 cozy reading nooks.


Find Me

Listen to Episodes 5 (The Little Things) and 6 (Tablets v. Phones) of Best Life Ever!

Make your recipes searchable on Pinterest. 

New winery review: Chateau LaFayette Reneau.

What are you reading this month?