Reading List

There have been some great posts catching my eye in the blogosphere as of late. Time to share the link love!


  1. Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+, YouTube, Reddit and LinkedIn combined.
  2. I used to love making bookmarks as a kid, but I never use them.  Time to make some of these adorable DIY bookmarks!
  3. Homemade izze sodas.  So simple.
  4. The art of recipes.
  5. Apparently, Greek yogurt is on a marathon-like growth spurt.
  6. These petit fours are adorable. I’d like some, please.

What’s on your reading list this week?


  1. says

    i am addicted to pinterest 🙂 and not sad about it one bit!

    reading list this week:
    twilight series, again.
    Seed Catalogs!!!
    anything dealing with strawberries. this warm weather has me itching for some fresh fruit…