Reminder + Announcement

Wow, I’m loving hearing all the ways you Savvy Readers “spread the love!” Check out the original giveaway post if you haven’t entered yet!

And today, won’t you help me “spread the love?”

My super-fudgy brownies are currently on offer for the #OperationLayla bake sale…check out the sale + cause at the main site,!


If super-fudgy brownies aren’t your thing, there are tons of other delectable-looking treats up for bids… like Toffee Bacon Shortbread, customizable Cake Truffles, Cinnamon Rum Caramel Sauce, cupcake decorating tools, Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies and more!

So please, take a moment to visit the site, read about the cause, and make a bid if you are so inclined.

And have a happy Wednesday!