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Since Kelly was flying in all the way from Wisconsin this past weekend and I was driving in from Ithaca, Heather decided that she should have a blogger meet-up so that Kelly could meet everybody.


After hearing great reviews and checking out the expansive menu, we decided that New World Bistro Bar would be the perfect meeting spot.


Even though we had a group of 14 bloggers, the restaurant was very accommodating to our needs.


This portion of the menu effectively summed up why I loved this restaurant:

“At New World Bistro Bar we serve our own style of Global Neighborhood Cuisine– the healthy, lustily seasoned and assertive dishes of the American Melting Pot.

Many of our ingredients are regional, organic and sustainable and that list keeps growing. We use fresh local tomatoes in summer, dried in winter, fresh corn in summer, polenta in winter. We can all live better if we begin to expect restaurants to make great meals without encouraging chemists to invent indestructible foods.”


Heather, Kelly and I shared a bottle of New York duckwalk merlot.


I started with the arugula, pear, manchego and truffle vinaigrette salad. I loved the sweet chunks of pear, and you can’t go wrong with a truffle vinaigrette!



For my entree, I ordered the Thai Italian Love, fat noodles with local beef in a spicy tomato and coconut sauce. It was much more spicy than I had expected, but that didn’t stop me from devouring every last delicious bite!


AlbanyWeekend13.jpg AlbanyWeekend14.jpg

After such a great night filled with delicious food and good company, Heather couldn’t help but propose a toast to the evening.

Atmosphere: 8.5/10. The style and decoration were beautiful and a bit rustic. The only downside was the noise level, which made it difficult to talk to people further down the table. However, this can probably be attributed to the fact that we were seated near the bar…and the fact that we had one very long table!

Service: 10/10. We had one of the most helpful, charistmatic servers I’ve ever encountered. He made sure that everyone’s needs were met, especially when it came to dietary preferences and allergies. Pretty impressive, considering we had a group of 14!

Food: 9/10. The salad was flavorful, but there was a little too much dressing…the leaves at the bottom of the plate were drowning a bit. But everything else was top-notch. I’d definitely visit again. You know, if I didn’t live over 3 hours away.

Overall Rating: 9/10. A winner!

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