Savvy Cycling: Century Training Update

Training for my century is well underway.  My current plan is to do one long ride a week, as well as two or three 15-20 mile rides. For at least one of those shorter rides each week, I’ll focus on increasing my speed.  I’m not particularly fast, especially on the hilly terrain that the century will be on, so I’m working on picking up the pace. 

CenturyTraining jpg

The long rides are scheduled to be:

Week of 7/15 (last week):   31 miles
Week of 7/22 (this week):   36 miles
Week of 7/29:                      42 miles
Week of 8/5:                        50 miles
Week of 8/12:                      60 miles
Week of 8/19:                      75 miles
Week of 8/26:                      55 miles
Week of 9/2:                        CENTURY (Just one 15-20 mile ride, at the beginning of the week)

That is a lot of saddle time, so I’m working on figuring out the best fuel, gear and post-ride routines for myself. These are my thoughts so far:


  1. I got my bike fitted last week and it is making a huge difference. My shoulders weren’t nearly as pinch-y on last Friday’s speedwork ride. Three cheers for comfort!
  2. A better fit, acupuncture, ice and stretching seem to be keeping my usual knee pain at bay.


  1. I need to rethink my morning fueling for long rides. Fruits and vegetables don’t always sit well with me during hard hill climbs, so maybe I’ll experiment with some granola recipes for a nice carb, sugar and protein combo.
  2. I’m also experimenting with the fuel I take in during a ride.  A Clif bar, bottle of Gatorade and plenty of water works for 30-ish miles, but I can tell that I’m going to need something more for any rides that are longer than that.


  1. I’m wearing a different pair of bike shorts on each week’s long ride to see which pair will hold up best to a full century.  So far, the bright pink ones are the most comfortable, but we’ll see if that changes.
  2. Giant holes in biking gloves = a shopping trip for a new pair is in order this week.
  3. I should not accidentally use non-sport sunscreen before a ride. At the end of my 31-miler last Wednesday, I had so much sunscreen running into my eyes that I could hardly see.  Ouch!

Wish me luck!

Dan and I started fundraising yesterday. If you’d like to contribute to our fundraising for AIDS research, here is the link.  


  1. says

    Nice work on the century training! You’re going to have so much fun.

    I bake little bites out of pureed sweet potato/cocoa powder/coconut flour and love to take those in on the bike.

  2. Kiersten says

    Looks like a sweet training schedule! You’ll have a blast!

    You could try some jerky on your long rides. Jerky (and Gatorade!) grosses me out at all other times, but on long rides in the heat your body wants what it wants… protein and salt.

  3. says

    Ooooo, good to know! I’m training for the irongirl duathlon which is a 22 mile bike ride. I have a mountain bike that I bought when I was 14 or so…..where did you get your bike fitted? How do you carry your water bottle/gatorade? I’m thinking about buying a camelbak but haven’t taken the jump yet!

    • Julie says

      I think nearly any bike shop will do a fitting for you… that’s where I got mine done! As for hydration, I have a camelbak for water and a water bottle cage on the bike for Gatorade. Good luck with the duathlon!

  4. Tami says

    I really need to eat real food when I bike…granola bars, peanut butter crackers…Gus, gels and other gel like chews bother my stomach, I switch between Gatorade and Nuun to drink in addition to water of course.

  5. says

    SOOOOO proud of you on your century training and plan for the actual ride. I know what it feels like to do a marathon, and I imagine this is the cycling equivalent!

    Suggestion for fuel? A PB&J? I think I’ve read/heard that that might be a good one…

    • Julie says

      I’ve heard that too, I just worry about it getting smashed in my camelbak! But I think they offer them at the rest stops, so I should practice with them a bit!

  6. Eric says

    I love real food on a long ride. Bagels hold up pretty well and they are yummy with peanut butter and honey

  7. Joy says

    Congrats. A century is on my fitness bucket list!
    I just made some ginger energy bites for me to try prerun (and I can’t remember where I found this recipe) but it is:
    1/4 cup cashews
    1/4 cup crystallized candied ginger
    1/2 cup dates
    1 1/2 tablespoon coconut (I added this)

    Blend cashews and ginger until they are broken up into small bits. Add in dates and coconut blend until the dates are fully chopped and it becomes a ball. Take out and roll into 8 small balls – store airtight in the fridge