Ruby-Beach-7Welcome to Savvy Game Night! I’m  Julie, and I live in upstate New York with my husband, Dan, and our poodle-terrier mix (Max) and cockatiel (Mario). You may know me from my food blog, Savvy Eats. Dan and I love playing board games – it is our go-to date night activity and one of our favorite things to do with friends.

At the end of 2013, one of our friends posted on Facebook that her board game collection had just hit the 365 mark, and that she could play a different game every single day in 2014 if she wanted to. I suggested that that would make a great blog concept – the Julie and Julia of board games, if you will. Which got me thinking… Dan’s and my collection is nowhere near the size of our friends’, but it does number close to 50. So while I can’t write about a game every day, I very nearly can review a different game every week. And so Savvy Game Night was born.

NYE2012-2013Every other Thursday, I’ll be posting a new board game review here on Savvy Game Night. About 95% of our games were either gifted to us by our friends and family or were bought at our local game store, The Enchanted Badger. I cannot recommend finding your local board game store strongly enough. The people at the Badger are incredibly friendly, always willing to make recommendations or answer questions, love teaching their customers how to play new games, and regularly host game nights at the store. Plus, supporting small local businesses rocks!

But just in case you don’t have a game store near you, I will always include a link or two of where you can buy the game online. Occasionally, these links will be affiliate links, but I will let you know if that is the case.

So let’s start playing!