Savvy Garden 2013: Beginnings

Cold Frames

Things are finally starting to happen in the garden.  Check out what’s going on in the cold frames!

Garlic Sprouts

I was concerned last fall when I planted my garlic.  Some creatures were clearly burrowing in the straw mulch I had thickly layered over the cloves, and I worried that they were gnawing on my future crop.  But I think my fears were unfounded, because so far, I see 22 garlic shoots poking out of the mulch, out of the 30-ish that I planted.

Pea Shoots

I planted the peas a few weeks ago, and then the temperature immediately plummeted for a week.  Luckily, it didn’t seem to hurt them at all, just slow them down a bit!


The sage is beginning to show some new growth, with the oregano and thyme close behind.

Backyard Garden

We spent Saturday afternoon cleaning up the backyard. Three hours of weeding and watering and dragging away yard waste. We brought in two big carloads of mulch to tamp down any weeds or mud between the raised beds.  And I supplemented the two darker boxes (back left and middle right) with compost and GardenTone, and planted some shallots, ball carrots and arugula.

Who else did some yard work or planting this weekend?